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Hey guys!

So I've been decorating sugar cookies for about three years now, but I have never actually taught anyone before. My local Makers Mercantile has asked me to do a small 2 hour class sometime near Valentines Day - nothing crazy, but just to give people a small opportunity to play with cookies and do what I do for a few hours.

Obviously there would be no flooding or anything that takes a long time to dry. I thought I could bring some pre-flooded heart shaped cookies, and let people do something to it like some piping or painting or something like that. I have no clue what could be done in such a small amount of time...

What would you guys do? I could really use your knowledge.

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If you want to teach them piping, maybe a simple needlepoint to make a heart or a row of hearts? That would show them two RI consistencies.  No big deal, when the grids don't turn out too straight, IMHO.  You're there to show them, then they can practice at home .

Outlining small hearts and filling them with bead consistency icing, so they dry quicker. Or just piping little hearts without outlining, shaping them with a toothpick... Writing Love in print letters... Any combination of these...

I have taught classes in that short time at our local kitchen  store. I bring with me examples of finished cookies, explain to them the different  Consistency of icing, supply of course icing pre- colored and bagged, a pie tin to take the wet cookies home in. The ladies then can put their own personality into their works as you teach flood, piping, wet on etc. techniques.  The ladies have a great time and do not mind taking home wet cookies.

Two hours fly by so it really depends if this is the first in a series or a one time class.  Which actually could turn into future private lessons.  

I would bring a few cookies.  Some pre flooded others plain, sprinkles, some icing transfers , some swatches of icing sheets , and maybe even some ready made sugarveil. ( the needlepoint design could help here)

You can do simple flooding with wet on wet designs, show them a simple border , use the sprinkles appropriate with the design etc. 

With the preflooded cookies ,stenciling, stamping or gluing transfers and adding borders are all quick  and easy.  Here using the needlepoint sugarveil can work.

Have fun and good luck.  

From your description it sounds like your audience knows nothing about decorating.  You need to keep it simple and to get them hooked.   When I decorated cookies with my neighbors I showed them a couple of quick and easy tricks and then let them go.  They had a blast and can’t wait to do it again this Christmas.  Good luck.

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