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If it hasn't been declared already, I'm officially proclaiming December to be International Gingerbread Month! (Oh, how heavenly my kitchen smells right now!)


To celebrate this fine dough, we've got our Great Gingerbread Giveaway that's running through December 16, courtesy of Tunde Dugantsi. (Check it out if you haven't already). But that's not all . . .


Six of my YouTube friends and I have pulled together just about every type of gingerbread imaginable in video form. (Special thanks to Hani of Haniela's for corralling us all to make this happen!) We've got video tutorials for classically quaint gingerbread houses, fondant gingerbread man cupcake and cake toppers, gingerbread macarons, non-traditional gingerbread constructions, and more! Click here to see the entire playlist on YouTube, or on any of the individual links below.




May these tuts bring those dreams of gingerbread dancing in your head into real-life gingerbread form!



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  • Gingerbread Video Collaboration Banner: Images by Listed Sugar Artists; Banner by Haniela's
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Originally Posted by Hani/Haniela's:


Thank YOU for corralling us all to do this! Without your organization, it would not have happened.

Originally Posted by donaharrisburg:

I saw all of the videos.  Thanks to all of you in this collaboration and thanks Julia for informing us.  Well done ladies!

Thanks, Dona!

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