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The Great Gingerbread Giveaway from Tunde Dugantsi

Ooh, I love giveaways, and there's nothing better than one that comes close to Christmas time! I'm not sure I could ever part with the contents of this giveaway if I were to win, but they sure would make wonderful Christmas gifts for anyone who loves baking or decorating! 

So what am I talking about here? Let me explain . . . First and foremost, this special giveaway comes to you courtesy of Cookie Connection member, author, and cookie decorator extraordinaire Tunde Dugantsi of Tunde's Creations. Thank you, Tunde!


Tunde has generously donated the following three items (combined retail value of $70), which she is happy to ship to a winner anywhere in the world:


1. A copy of her latest book Gingerbread Academy, co-authored with the fabulous AnikÓ VargÁnÉ OrbÁn . . .




2. A copy of Tunde's Christmas book, Gingerbread Christmas Wonderland . . .




and, something I was in desperate need of last week when working on my Valentine's cookie videos . . .


3. A 3-D cookie heart-making kit with heart molds, cutter, recipes, and instructions for crafting curvaceous heart-shaped cookie gifts!




Pretty great giveaway, eh? Thanks again to Tunde for approaching me with this spectacular offer!


So, what must you do to enter to win all three goodies? It's simple:

  1. Share this post (using the links at the very bottom of the post) on as many social networks as possible! (Pssst . . . I'll never be able to verify that you did this, but Tunde and I will deeply appreciate you spreading the word.)
  2. In the comments area below, tell me and Tunde a little about the most fabulous gingerbread cookie/creation you ever made - or hope to make. (Note: You must be a Cookie Connection member to comment here. To join, simply go to the home page of this site, click on "Join Community" in the upper left, and follow the prompts.)
  3. Do all of the above no later than December 16, 2014 (5 pm central).

At that time, the giveaway will close, and I'll randomly draw one person from among the commenters to receive all three prizes. Again, this giveaway is open to Cookie Connection members anywhere, so get your gingerbread game on!


Also, please remember: just one entry/comment per person. The number of comments is used to do the random drawing, so when one person comments multiple times, it stacks the cards in that person's favor. Thanks!


Images (3)
  • Gingerbread Academy Book Cover: Book/Images by Anikó Vargáné Orbán and Tunde Dugantsi
  • Gingerbread Christmas Wonderland Book Cover: Book/Images by Tunde Dugantsi
  • 3-D Cookie Heart-Making Kit: Courtesy of Tunde Dugantsi

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Oh how wonderful - I am always in awe of the gingerbread designs Tunde does. I cut a whole gingerbread family the other day (7) and was thinking I would love to to them all in the traditional white work that she does - I will have to belay that as the set is now going out clothed for another Fundraiser - this time for another defibrillator for St Johns. But I did decide before reading this that during the Winter Months (May-July here in New Zealand) I would cut more and play/practice. These books and set would really help with that now wouldn't they Thanks, Kat

I have always loved gingerbread houses and would love to make one using a lighted interior with isomalt windows. I would love to win this giveaway and learn some of the awesome techniques.

Who doesn't want this prize?! I have wanted to make puffy heart shaped cookies like Tunde's but I can never find any tin like that in Japan.
This year I made a gingerbread house all covered in RI for the first time. It was great fun.

Gingerbread cookies were a tradition on our Christmas tree when the children were small.  They got to eat them as they undecorated the was a good incentive to get them to help.  Last year I made some ABC gingerbread men for my grandson's kindergarten class.  Also made my first gingerbread house from scratch.  I already have Tunde's books but would love the molded cutter set.  Thanks for the giveaway.

Thanks for the great competition. I already have and love the Christmas book and molds so if I win I will share my prizes . I love working in gingerbread, I'd like to try some 3d new designs though my Christmas houses are always fun to do.

I've never heard of this cookie decorator before, but oh my her work is beautiful. I've learn a lot since joining Cookie Connection, Thanks Julia. I'm looking forward in the next couple of weeks to introduce 4 kids (ages 3-9) to decorating Gingerbread houses and cookies. This should be a lot of fun having them over and getting all messy. We can only wait and see where their imagination will take them. Would love to win these books and that cool 3D heart cookie set (I ❤️ Hearts!).

I used to make my children gingerbread creations every Christmas, train, ski village, down town market scene... something different every year.  I'd love to try my hand at this type of gingerbread.  Thank you for the chance... I'm off to share on both my FB pages now.

Hey!!! Faboulous gift!!! My best cookie is a gingerbread house, I maded it the last week, it was a present for mi blog followers and I worked 4 days with this. It was very fany and I like repeat the experience. That's!!!!

Hi there! It's hard to pick a favorite - I've made houses every year for my grandkids since 2000, and several before that.  Some years were better (and worse) than others!  But I think the most fabulous so far was a group of houses I never saw completed.  My client ordered four UNdecorated houses, along with "trim" cookies - doors, windows, wreaths, trees, topiaries, etc.  She invited close friends of her son to decorate them together.  This year it's SEVEN houses, and I'm almost through baking.  Next year I might start in October!

2013 12 Hoover 11

2013 12 Hoover 9


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  • 2013 12 Hoover 11
  • 2013 12 Hoover 9

Fabulous gingerbread hasn't happened for me yet, but with this prize it sure could! I love the intricacy of design, the details...and to be able to replicate that would be awesome!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

So here's my "most fabulous" story. I see pictures of beautiful cookies in my mind, like I wake-up in the morning with an inspiration and then I'm haunted by the image until I create it. Having said that, I've done art all my life but I'm new to cookieing. My friend Rebecca (The Cookie Architect) got me hooked over wine and white Russians a few months ago (many thanks!) Anyway I create something and adore it, then I create something and fumble with my tools or with the recipe I used and the cookie falls apart or the frosting is too think or will not harden and I eat the evidence! And I learn and I grow, and I try again a little wiser and a little more determined to do better. I digress, last night, my frosting was too think, and too thin (mixed too long?, too cold from the fridge) and my tips were too big. Did I mention this is my first batch of gingerbread cookies? Well, I (as most people this time of year) noticed a few pound weight gain and had vowed to begin eating healthy on this fateful morning (so eating the evidence was out of the question). I drew a beautiful whimsical picture on my cookie (and loved it) I was all set to put the frosting on and fumbled with every step. I messaged Rebecca with my stress (while I'm sure she was in the middle of dinner or playing with her little ones) and she said “with small detail, I always paint”. It was too late to just paint the cookie, but I also couldn't eat it. So I just set it aside and got a different cookie to work on, to soothe my frustration. It was wonderful and healed my stress, meanwhile (here's the fabulous part) my very talented daughter (16 years old) picked up my failed cookie and as per usual, patiently and with much talent “fixed it”. She created her own lovely cookie out of my mess. I was able to affirm her talent, she was able to make beauty out of mess and we had a great time making cookies together. Here's a picture of both.

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  • Gingerbread Fun: Whimsy and Beach House

Thanks for the giveaway! I shared this post on Facebook because it's the only social network I use I only have made some gingerbread men at Christmas three years ago, but I hope to make something more original this year as homemade Christmas gift!


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  • Natale 2011-a
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My first gingerbread construction project was the PBP #7 entry but it was such fun that I want to try more.  I am always in awe of the wonderful European style gingerbread artworks that I see here.

I would love to be able to try to make one of those beautiful gingerbread creations. I say every year I am going to make one and then we usually use one of the cheesy kits. Shameful I know,  Maybe this will be the boost I need to get started. Thanks for this great giveaway.

First gingerbread house walls were supported by my prenatal vitamins. Since it was a high risk pregnancy no one knew at work. Took the house to work and two days later someone ripped the roof and the vitamins were in full display !!! So much for me keeping the secret.... 

I've only done simple gingerbread men.  I've got more cutters and will try for something a bit more dramatic this year.  I love Tunde's work & those books would be fantastic!  I got the molds right when she made them available here in the US, so I would definitely gift those this holiday season.

Oh my! I am in awe of the Tunde's creations! Every year I make very simple gingerbread cookies, I've never attempted the magnificent ones that I see. I've also never done a house, although it's on my bucket list. LOL Part of the problem is that I get so busy around the holidays I don't have time to work on projects just for me. I may have to create a gingerbread beach house in the summer.

My gingerbread girl is the one that makes me more proud of. It represents my first daughter (chapis means "the short one") and my work. It's not made from flour and butter, but hope and love.

Thank you Julia and Tunde for being so generous.

The only gingerbread I have done was make a little gingerbread house with my son when he was in kindergarten. It was a great day being able to spend time with him on a little project for school. 

Hi dear! What a nice giveaway! The only gingerbread creation I have made was a batch of 45 gingerbread men that I made last weekend for a customer. But I hope to make beautiful 3D gingerbread houses on day, it's on my bucket list! :-)

Thanks for a great giveaway!  I shared on FB & tweeted!  We had gingerbread houses when I was little.  My favorite was one that my Mom made, stacking gingerbread logs (just like Lincoln logs) to build a cabin. Santa was even coming down the chimney.  My kids are at the perfect age to appreciate a gingerbread house.  I need to get on it and start making some new traditions!  Hope these books will inspire me!

Well, in my 25+ years of decorating cookies, I can honestly say that I have never (yes, never) done anything with gingerbread. However, I hope to do some of the 3D heart creations at Valentines. Tunde - you are amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent and gifts with us!

Awesome, the beautiful gingerbread!!!The books look wonderful! have played with gingerbread for years, The neatest was a gingerbread Church and village made for our dining room table, let the kids eat it at my sons birthday party on Jan. 4th. One little girl just could not get enough, her Mom would never have believed she loved it so!! A great memory!!