So I decided to try my hand at some new things this week.  I can only call it an epic cookie fail. To say I'm in need of tips to improve is putting it mildly! Lol 

First . . . Circles. Yeah nothing else really needs to be said. I don't have a clue how anyone bakes a perfect circle.  Or how they pipe a perfect circle. It's obvious I can't.  *grin*

Beads . . . my nemesis. No matter what I do I end up with craters. I was using icing a bit thicker than 20 second. Before it was too thin. I'm very frustrated with this issue.  *bangs head on counter*

About the only good thing was experimenting with a watercolor effect. This was the first time I've tried to handpaint. It didn't turn out too bad but as usual my application was a bit sloppy. You should see my kitchen on baking days! *cough*

What frustrates you guys? I can't be the only on with an epic fail or two . . . Maybe three . . . But who's counting! Share with me so I know I'm not alone in my misery. LOL.  



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Well I most definitely could use classes! Lol I just kind of bumble along trying to learn from my mistakes.  Thankfully it's more fun than frustrating but it can also be heartbreaking. I seem to struggle the most with the fine detail work so I've ruined my fair share of cookies at the final moment.  Lol I won't even go into how bad my letter piping can be! *grin*

A pico is on my to buy list along with about a million other things! lol I would love to go out and buy everything on my wish list but my budget says I have to pace myself. *grin* I've been looking at the KopyKake projector thing too but haven't decided if I should add it to my list or not. I'm thinking I might get more use out of an airbrush instead.

Now if only there was a piece of equipment I could buy that would produce bead work without craters I'd be set. Mostly. lol I'd still have that whole circle issue. I've been trying out a new recipe today in an effort to prevent spreading. So far it has held it's shape really well but the texture is too soft I think. Who knew so much chemistry was involved in baking! lol

We had a recent Practice Bakes Perfect challenge about piping circles (https://cookieconnection.julia...challenge-27-circles), which you might find helpful. The challenge intro (previous link) gave some useful resources with tips for piping perfect circles. Also, if you search the Blog section of the site for that Challenge Recap, you'll see some of the results of that challenge where members discussed the methods they had the most success with. 

Regarding epic fails: we all have them. My best advice is to do what you're doing (seek advice, practice, and find those solutions that work best for you) and then find creative ways to hide those fails (or eat them)!

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