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I have a Cubs cookie cutter that I love. The red Cubs and the blue outside circle are indented, so it is just a matter of flooding to fill them. The first batch I made I just left the raised parts (which are white in the logo) unfrosted but I'd really like to make them white to get the colors to really pop. Any ideas on a relatively fast way to make the raised parts of these cookies white? I tried piping white but that took way too long. I have yet to try dipping. I also thought maybe a thin glaze, as opposed to royal icing could be poured over the cookies if I could get them vertical but I'm not sure glaze would be white enough. Anyway, I'm hoping more experienced cookiers might be able to help. Thanks.


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You could dip them in thinned white royal icing; let them dry; and then pipe over the raised parst. Or you could sponge the cookie with white food coloring (though it can sometimes crackle as it dries).

LouisXIV posted:

Thanks.  Would thinned white royal icing be better than glaze for this?

I think royal icing would dry more opaque, but whether that is "better" sort of depends on what you're trying to achieve.

Maybe you could color the dough white? I'm not quite sure how good this will work, you will probably only get an off-white at best. But in contrast to the red and blue it would look whiter in the end, I suppose.

Or try painting the surface of the cookies with white. That works pretty well, if you don't mind that it is not really a thick coat and the structure of the cookie still shows. I mix Americolor Bright White with a few drops of Vodka for this purpose and paint it on with a large brush. It doesn't take long, dries pretty quick, and you can pipe the icing on top of it.

I have seen cookiers make a thinned down royal icing and paint a thin layer on the cookie. They use a pastry or silicone brush. Here's a quick youtube video I found on it called "brush flooding". I would make the white icing a thin layer so you can still see your outline for the rest of the details. I have that cutter too. GO CUBS GO!!!!

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