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I've been researching when the best time to post photos of cookies is and I haven't been able to come up with any sort of formula to figure this one out. I've read the most facebook traffic occurs on Monday afternoons, Sunday nights, and pretty much every day has been said that it's the best day/time to post for various reasons in various articles. I was wondering if anyone had any success in figuring out what time and day is the best for posting cookie pictures and obtaining a large amount of views or "total reach". If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!


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That's interesting ... I never thought of a formula, I post either earlier in the morning (when I think people check their FB before work) and it's up all day or later in the afternoon.  I've had pictures that show a reach of 50 and those that show a reach of over 800.  I just figured it was because they 'liked' one picture more than another, rather than it being the time of day!  Let me know if you figure out a formula though :-)

I definitely don't post on the weekends- it's a ghost town on Facebook until Sunday evening!  The biggest difference is whether someone shares your pics or not.  But yesterday I posted a cookie pic that reach almost 800 people, and I posted a good one today, which Facebook has shown to 200, and I know people just aren't seeing it.  It's frustrating- but, hey, it's free (for the time being!)

It's a real mystery for us, really. Also because lately Facebook is messing a lot with changes of all kind and pushing us in a way to buy adds or to pay for the visibility of our photos. We have also read the same things Michelle talks about but basically, you can never tell. 

Agree with MEUG on this point. Time of day doesn't seem to have much bearing on the response I get. I feel like the bigger driver of response is probably the quality/content of the image I post. I also find I get a greater share rate with a single image post, as compared to posting in an album. I think the larger photo draws more attention, and the single view concentrates more likes on that photo.


But, I don't really watch or track response rates on Facebook too systematically, especially now as Facebook is sharing fewer and fewer images with fans/followers and the algorithm that they're using to share is unknown.

I have a problem with my "likers" putting my content in their news feed. I ran a give away (i didn't know about raffle copter or other such programs at the time) in which I was giving away decorated cookie party trays, bouquets, etc and I had only 6-9 people enter each time. I even sent out messages encouraging participation. I had more "likes" for the contests than participation!  It was very discouraging and made me realize how few people actually read my posts.  I think that the great majority of facebook users use it just to post stuff about themselves and don't bother to read what others post.   I don't know about everybody else but I tend to get more "likes" from fellow cookie/cake decorators then I do from potential customers.
I tend to agree.  Sometime I just don't have the time to read all the posts on my "personal" wall so I tend to scroll down and stop at most of the pictures.  
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Donna - I can see what you're saying about getting more likes from other cookiers as opposed to potential customers. Did you try posting a picture with a caption stating that it was a giveaway? A lot of people don't read plain text status updates but a colorful picture will more likely catch their attention.

I think a huge part of knowing when to post on Facebook is really knowing your audience. Personally for me, I cater my posting to my local people and my key demographic. So, if it's a lovely Florida monsoon outside you best believe I am on Facebook along with all the other locals! And, when I know moms are winding down from their day and enjoying their only post-dinner-mayhem Facebook time- I am posting specifically for them. Sometimes I'll also post in the morning and share in the evening to make sure I get early birds and night owls alike. 

All of this becomes much easier as your "likes" go up, also. I would encourage contests for locals where liking your Facebook page is a must in order to win. Anything that generates a story with all of their Facebook friends is a major plus for your visibility. 

I've noticed that when you prepare the scene, background, extra elements (sometimes), and of course, cookie quality and original designs gets to be more eye-catchy. Also, I've noticed that when I post a picture on my Facebook page (you get to schedule a time and date for your post to be automatically posted) I try to choose evenings, for the simple reason that at that time of the day (let's say from 10 am to 4 pm) it's the time when people have spare time (lunch, break) to check Facebook or social media in general. But I'd say that the best time to post is between 1 pm to 8 pm, plus I'd like to recommend you all to get an Instagram account, hashtags make your posts more popular, and videos are deeply appreciated! 

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