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I'm not sure if this is in the right topic area- if not, I will surely move it elsewhere


I am looking for the Instagram account (or otherwise) of the cookier from whom I was given the inspiration to try. She is incredible, and her cookies made a very lasting impression on me!


This cookier is a Mom of 2 young girls. One of her girls has Down's Syndrome. I believe she is a stay-at-home Momma, but I'm not sure. Her girls dance. I know that her husband is in the military, and from what I remember, he was actively deployed as of about a year ago.


I know that's not a lot of info, but if you happen to really recognize who I might be talking about, please please share with me! I never followed them back then, though I should have. Now i regret it big time!


Thank in advance!


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That could fit so many cookiers out there, but the first one that I can think of that slightly fits that description that is LilaLoa...but not sure if she has two daughters...If you don't know who she is, you should! SHE'S AMAZING!!


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