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I want to make this cookie for my friend's son's birthday party. I have no idea who to attribute it to,  as I've never been able to find any info on it, even using a Google image search. 

Does anyone have any tips on doing a big cookie like this?  I know that I need to roll out the dough on the cookie sheet and then cut it out.  I use corn syrup glaze, and I usually use the same consistency for piping and flooding, but I think I need to use two different consistencies for this because the flood areas are so big.  I can make templates and patterns on the computer to use for tracing the design, so I'm good there.

Should I roll the dough thicker than normal?  I usually use the 1/4 inch disc on my Joseph Joseph rolling pin, but should I use the 3/8 inch disc for this?  How long would you bake it, or do you just watch it until it's not shiny on top?  And what is a good size to make it?

Any other tips or things I should know about?  Thanks!

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I made a birthday house cookie that was around 6x11.  I didn't make it any thicker, but as soon as it cooled I attached it to a cake board.  The first one I made I put the cookie on upside to have a flat surface.  Big mistake!  It cracked in three places.  I'm looking forward to hearing what others say.  Good luck!

I always use the 3/8 inch on my J&J rolling pin and would definitely use that thickness for this. I would be afraid that any thinner you have a better chance of it breaking. And after all that work, you don't want to chance that. (Just my opinion of course!!). I bake at 350 till the top is no longer shiny and the edges get just a little brown (I like them more crisp). And make sure it's completely cool before attempting to move it off the cookie sheet.  It's a lovely cookie. Good luck and I can't wait to hear how yours turned out!!

Hi Sashasmommy, I love to make large cookies as well and here is what I've learned.

1.  I cut the dough 1/4" thick as I do my smaller cookies.

2. After I roll out the dough, I roll it onto my rolling pin and unroll it directly onto my Silpat Mat and THEN cut it.  This keeps the shape of the cookie intact rather than cutting it on a board and transferring it.

3.  Like Econlady, I do transfer the cookie to a cake board but a couple of things to note as you do this.  I let the cookie cool completely.  After coming to a room temp coolness, I put the cookie, still on the pan, into the freezer for a few minutes.  I then take it out of the freezer.  When removing the cookie from my Silpat Mat, I try to peel the mat off of the cookie, rather than lift the cookie off of the mat.

4.  Prior to placing the cookie onto the board, I lay the cookie cutter, or paper/cardboard design you used to cut out the dough, on the board and mark about 6 places where I place a dab of icing on the board so the cookie does not move while I decorate it.  

5.  Once on the board, I never touch the cookie with my hands again. I take the board with the cookie adhered to it and place it on my "lazy susan" where it stays as I decorate it.

6.  With regard to the consistency of the icing; I use a piping consistency to outline and a flood icing to flood.  Especially when the cookie is this large, you will need to have a solid barrier to keep the icing from flowing over the edge.  Why take the chance in that happening? The idea is to not touch the cookie once it is placed on the board.

Hope this helps.  I love this particular cookie idea!  Good luck and please share it with us when you finish it!  ~Diane, Cookie Celebration LLC

I have this on one of my Pinterest boards. I traced it back as far as I could (which wasn't very far) and found the image with a watermark on it that reads " html" I tried to go to the website but I got redirected back with a warning about possible hackers (or something along those lines). The image I have said it was posted by AnnaV. That's as far back as it would let me go. I wish I could have gotten better results for you. 

I ended up at the same place you did :-)  I wasn't sure if Anna V. was the creator of the cookie or just the person that posted the picture on the site.  The site is in Russian and appears to be a wholesale store, so I don't know what's up with this picture being from there.  The page itself is gone, it shows a 404 error.

Well, here it is!  Not too shabby for someone who only does cookies twice a year!  Didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would to decorate, but the prep took forever.  I had to make my own template.

Train cookie
Train Cookie by Kristen McFadden


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