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I’m using a black marker on white icing and it is bleeding. Not immediately but if they sit for a couple days the faint pink starts appearing around the black. This isn’t happening on all the cookies just some. I’ve never had it happen before and now it’s happened twice with two different pens. Has this happened to anyone else?  So frustrated. 


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I’ve never had this happen, but I don’t use markers all that frequently, and I always make sure the underlying icing is dry all the way through. If your icing is soft or not completely dry, it’s conceivable that the marker dye has dissolved the top layer of icing and thus bled into it, or even that the pressure when applying the marker created micro breaks in the icing that the marker dye is now penetrating. Do you add corn syrup or anything to your icing? I ask because it has a softening effect which might be contributing to this issue.

I add glycerin.  Would that soften things?  The first time I thought it was possible they were still not completely dry but the second time they were 100% dry. 

Yes, absolutely - it has more of a softening effect than corn syrup. See article here: https://cookieconnection.julia...lbox-talk-corn-syrup

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