Hello everyone 


Just wanted to introduce our Wickstead's Eat Me shop currently on Etsy



Eat Me is another shop department by Wickstead's where you will find all sorts of edible creations.


*Our edibles are perfect to finish off your Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies & Biscuits they will just grab your friends & families attention & just call to them, “Eat Me".


 Wickstead's Eat Me Edible Foxes


In our shop you will find a wide variety of items all made out of wafer paper in a selection of themes.


One of our favourite themes is Classic Alice in Wonderland as you can tell by the name of our shop we love the Classic Alice in Wonderland. We have a wide range of Alice items ranging from Quotes, Figures, Book Pages & even Cupcake Wrappers all 100% Edible


 Edible Alice in Wonderland Quotes in Soft Pastels


We believe in excellent customer service and premium quality products. We are always looking to create or find something just that little bit different and unique.


Our ideas are never ending, we are always creating new designs for our edibles


 Edible Vintage Woman Ice Skaters

Can't see what you are looking for? Custom orders are very welcome, we love to design new creation.


 Edible Vintage Female Film Stars


 Edible Harlequin Sea 3D Flowers Tropical Blossom Collection


Thank you for taking the time to look


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