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As an extension of this thread...emulsions vs extracts...what is the popular vote? I've recently discovered emulsions at my local bulk store and was considering trying them...thoughts? If this is the wrong place, please move my question


[EDITOR'S NOTE: I added two polls below where we can formally log our preferences for emulsions, extracts and oils; also, natural vs. artificial flavorings. Feel free to elaborate in the comments too!]

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I am new in emulsions too, I have only tasted the cheese flavor... I prefer the true cheese cream icing, the emulsion tastes like the new nata flavor that is a fashion here.   I am not of those that can be influenced for a fashion, if I don't like it I don't use it.  It's the same for the food, I don't like the popcorn movie butter flavor, I really hate it and people uses it on hamburgers, vegetables and all things.  Well I love oil esences, they can be used in chocolate ganaches, buttercreams, chocolate clay, cakes and cookies.  I love natural extracts too.   And if I can use natural flavors like vanilla beans, or zests  I use them, or juices too!


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I started using emulsions to try to add a little variety to my sugar cookies.  My husband and adult son are my primary taste testers and they both feel that sugar cookies are "boring".  Neither are overly impressed by decoration, for them it is all about the taste.  Sweet Hope Cookies has some really tasty cut-out cookie alternatives and recommended the emulsions so I gave them a try.  My go to flavor for plain cookies is citrus (primarily lemon but I like the lime, too) and my favorite royal icing flavoring is raspberry.  The emulsions hold up even over heat and time.  I like the fact that the cookies have the same flavor level after baking that the dough had.  Makes experimenting with different tastes much easier.  I do use other flavorings, natural and extracts, but prefer the emulsions.

Interestingly, I use a combination. I prefer emulsions in the cookies I bake, they have a staying power through the baking process that regular flavorings just don't possess. But, you can not beat the power of some finely grated orange or lemon peel in cookie dough, no matter how good the emulsion!  However, when it comes to Royal Icing, I actually prefer extracts. I'm a odd duck, I know.


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