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FYI - Here's an interesting article about the allure of cookie decorating, especially online. I was interviewed last week for this piece, and am thrilled to see so many other cookie decorators' contributions to it - in the form of photos, videos, and sound bites.

Enjoy - it's a great read and testament to the passion we all bring to our shared love of cookie decorating.

Read article here.


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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

What a wonderful article. I love that it brings attention to the many unknown elements about decorating cookies...aka being a cookie artist. The advent of so many cookie decorating videos/tutorials truly has gone viral. It's exciting to see this happening. Congratulations @Sweet Prodigy for your beautiful work being featured (so well deserved)!

Thank you, Carol!

Sil Quiroga *Homemade Cookies by Sil* posted:

Congratulations! This article is marvellous, the words of Julia are precise and every interviewed cookie artist deserves it in every single word. Loved it and of course have quoted it in my page to help express myself in what many cookiers share in our sayings

All my love and congratulations!!!


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