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I'm a fan of Designer Stencils' huge selection! Plus, they're having a pretty great Summer Blowout Sale right now. Check it out:




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  • Designer Stencils: Summer Savings!
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I love Designer Stencils as well. I also grab whatever I find at Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Amazon. Currently in search of layered stencils.  I am looking for an online resource that shows the actual stencil, not just a suggested final example of what you can do with it - and I have not been lucky in that search. I bought several from Designer Stencils (with the discount code) and am hopeful they are what I think they will be. However, an image of the actual stencil would make me so much more confident in ordering!  Any ideas for that anyone?

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Hi, Debbi! Not sure what you mean by a layered stencil? Do you mean a series of stencils that build on one another?


I'm also not sure what you mean by an image of the stencil? Designer Stencils shows the patterns of their stencil pretty clearly with images. (Here's an example of one I just purchased: It looks pretty much exactly like this in real life; plus, the dimensions are listed under each entry so you can get an idea of the scale before you purchase). Are you looking for something more?

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A layered stencil has different parts of the stencil on different parts of the stencil sheet so that you can layer colors or effects without having to tape over parts you don't want stenciled a certain color.  I first saw them when Marlyn from Montreal Confections did an Easter airbrushed stencil cookie and the tree she used had options for just the trunk and 3 different types of tree top...leafy, full, and some other thing.  So, I found several layered stencils on Designer Stencil but I couldn't tell what the stencil really looked like because they only showed how the final product would look.  Here's an example of a 4 layer stencil - but you don't see the stencil.   and YAY...the link now defaults to open in new window :-))))  Awesome!  Here is a sample of a 3 layer stencil.  Does my issue make more sense now?  If you want to look at the one Marlyn used in her youtube video - here's a link.

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Yeah, that's what I thought you meant. I imagine the layered stencils will look pretty true to picture though; the Designer Stencils ones always do.

Debbi - Also, the links are not defaulting properly to opening to a new window. The reason the ones in my post do is because I set them that way (by clicking on the link and setting to "Open to a New Window"). All of yours defaulted to opening in the same window until I changed the first two. I'm having my support guys look into this, because they are supposed to default to a new window,

When I set the link, it had a default of open in new window in the drop box...but I did have to set the link up on the "post reply" tool bar.  I can't wait to get my new stencils - I'll post a picture them when I get them.

You're not supposed to have to set anything in the tool bar though, Debbi. If you paste a link in the WYSIWYG editor, the system is supposed to default it to open to a new window. I was told this today after speaking with you, but it's evidently not working for more than me. Hopefully they can figure it out, but so far no luck.

I also love Designer Stencils!  They are great for custom work also.

(I've done alot of sample work for their online catalog)


Layered stencils are meant mostly for walls and crafts(I've done many walls in my time).  Different stencil for every color.  Wondering how this would work for cookies?  Air brush I could see, but with royal icing how would it lay flat on previously stenciled area.

I haven't purchased from them before, but I like to go to their website and imagine all the things I could do with their stencils... The company is called Bad Ass Stencils. They sell minis that would work well for cookies (I imagine). When I have enough saved I'm going to buy a starter pack!


Cookiemookie - I want to use layered stencils with my airbrush.  I thought hard about buying them for a single purpose...but I really like the look so I just went for it.  I also have tried a craft-style of stenciling on cookies with powdered food color mixed with alcohol to form a paste...then use a dauber/pounding brush to stencil.  I think that would also work well with the layered stencils.  I searched specifically for smaller stencils that would fit on cookies.  I will also attempt thinly spread royal icing and see if multiple textures can be obtained (maybe the bark of the tree could be sprayed...and then the leaves royaled).  I'll see how it goes!!!

Yeah, you can use layered stencils with an airbrush or do an underlayer with airbrush and then royal on top. But as you add royal layers and colors, the challenge is keeping the stencils lying flat. I usually end up cutting down and masking stencils when I do layered, multi-colored royal effects. There's really no way around it.

Debbi, I'm actually shooting a video about this early next week. It will eventually go on my YouTube channel, but I'm shooting 13 others at the same time and will roll them out over the next 3 months, 1 video a week. Will keep you posted.

Adri, I forked (moved) your question to a brand-new forum  topic, because it's bound to get overlooked at the bottom of this topic. Plus, it's a completely different discussion. 


Everyone, please comment on stencil makers/cutters in the link in the comment above (this link: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ncil-cutting-machine); please do NOT comment in this forum topic.


Just trying to keep forum topics clear and organized. Thanks.

Actually years ago I did buy some layered stencils that were small enough for cookies.  They were actually meant for doing greeting cards.  They were usually found with the brass stencils meant for embossing.  This was quite awhile ago, and not sure that craft is still popular today.


You could try searching for card or stationery making stencils.

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