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Hi, all, just a little cookie/human interest story for some extra motivation. If you've ever dreamed of being on national TV and competing in a Food Network Challenge, then this story is testament to the fact that it pays to follow your dreams!


Earlier this summer, in June to be exact, fellow cookier Tarsha Joyner of Mrs. Joy's Absolutely Fabulous Treats (pictured above, left) saw a casting call for a Christmas Cookie Challenge posted here on Cookie Connection. She seized the opportunity, submitted all the required materials to casting agents, navigated successfully through myriad casting questions, and ultimately won the challenge  - and a whopping $10,000 - last week! I was lucky enough to catch a rerun of the challenge, and can personally attest that her concentration, professionalism, and cookie creations certainly outshone the rest. Congrats to Tarsha!

To read more about her journey, check out this recent article in her hometown newspaper! And to catch her in action for further inspiration, a rerun of the show can be seen on the Food Network this coming Sunday, December 6, 2015 at 1 pm central. I also encourage you to jump on over to Tarsha's Facebook page (link above) to give her a huge congrats - and, of course, to pursue your passion with Tarsha's gusto! Success isn't possible without taking risks!


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  • Tarsha on the Food Network: Photo Courtesy of Tarsha Joyner
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I saw a rerun of the challenge just the other night, and Tarsha shined in every single task! I was so-o-o-o happy to see her win (thougth there wasn't any doubt in my mind by the end of the program that she would!)

i watched the show    was elated to see tarsha     bravo to tarsha  and congratulations   bravoooo


i don't have fb     rolling eyes     ohhhhhhh   should i shouldn't i sign up    

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