I believe I wrote a short introduction earlier. I am trying to find out how to see my old posts? I have enjoyed very much seeing everyone's creative arts, even though I have not contributed much yet. Life is challenging at the moment but I am committed to carving out more time for this. I am so inspired by what I see here and look forward to learning much more and making friends. I will attempt to send my first photo so navigating the tags and clips etc. I see the tags but do not see how to add clip sets? Thanks in advance for the assistance that I am sure I may need.  Paige Gesing

GESING Dogwood Cookie white 2016

Paige Gesing

Paige's Designer Cookies

Charlotte NC


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Hi, Paige. Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy it.

First, I suggest you read the Site FAQ under About, and then the Site Posting Guidelines (a link to them is in the Site FAQ area; you can also find a link at the top of every Clips page). They will explain in great detail where various content goes on the site, how to edit your member profile, etc. Basically, they should answer all the questions you just asked.

In the meantime, let me answer them:

1) To see the content you previously posted, go to your member profile (upper right of site); go to "Profile Page"; then click on "Activity" (top center of profile) and then "Content". There, you'll find a running stream of everything you've ever posted to the site.

2) Regarding this photo post, the reason you didn't see clip sets is because you posted this image to the Forums and not to the Clips area, which is where photos are supposed to go. Forums are only for Q&A. Again, the Site FAQ explains all of this in great detail, so please do check it out before posting again. Also, I'd suggest you re-post this image to the Clips area, as it won't hit the site photo feeds/galleries posted here.


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