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I've never made this substitution so can't vouch for how it will work, but I'd try the same amount of honey. Or make a simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar) and reduce it until syrupy; then cool before adding.


I may have to test this myself, since I've received similar questions.

I have made a Little research  and some people recomend to use Golden syrup, but I don't know if its color made a diference.   Some people say they find in healty stores, in healty section of the food in supermarkets and in asian stores.  Some people say they can find glucose and add wáter (glucose is thicker).  Other make sugar syrup like Julia had suggested.  But I will experiment.   Like you there are things we have no abailable in our countries and  somethimes we must prepare them at home.  You can look at cake central page.  I usually experiment with half or third of the récipe.  I made several times the marizipan (and didn't work), once I throwed away my experiment with the pot because it was imposible to clean it...( and I made aI try with a chisel and a hammer), but that did not discourage me and now I know two ways to make marzipan.   Once I can say, sugar syrup crystallize diferent than corn syrup.  The only way I have seen sugar syrup with chocolate it to make something  like ganache (no cream)  to cover cakes, this give more shine.

Well  I esperimented a few minutes ago....

Using Wilton pink Candy melts (I had in my home):


Karo (corn syrup) - The racipe all people uses


Cherry almibar (when you buy cherrys) - I reduced it to looking for the consistency of the corn syrup.  At 85°C got it.  (remember syrups tends to thicken when they cool).  Cherry color made the pink color darker.


Honey Bee - I warmd it a Little to habe a liquid consistency (mines was a Little cristalized)


Sugar syrup - Same mesure of sugar and wáter. At  95°C  I got the syrup.


How I calculate the consitency of the syrup.. wel  I took a drop of corn syrup and when I was cooking the cherry and sugar syrup I was taking drops (that cools quickly) until I reached the consistency and I used termometer to see the temperatura reached.


Well now clays are resting... I will report flavor and consisntency in a few hours.

Well I'm back... as I knead the clay:


Cherry clay was harder, followed by the sugar clay and the honey clay was the last.  Better to knead the Karo clay.


Sugar clay smooth, but Cherry and honey are more breakable...



Cherry super sweet with a Little cherry flavor... very soft cherry flavor.

Sugar  super sweet.

Honey super sweet with stark honey flavor. 


Karo is not so sweet and I think it has some elasticity.   


Well that was what I find with my experiment.  Maybe sugar syrup users have other récipes or something.  I used  the same récipe in all cases.



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Thanks for reporting back, Mily. Wondering if some additional glucose wouldn't help with elasticity . . . I'll try to experiment more in March when I have more time.

 Julia and  Mily, Thankyou for replying to the question. It was wonderful to read your ideas, and Ill have to try them out. This really is a beautiful site with so many talented people. I'm in awe at the amazing skills and really appreciate the advice offered with different subjects.   Thankyou

Hi there - you can definitely use glucose instead of corn syrup to make modelling chocolate.  You can buy glucose at Coles.  


Another option is to order your corn syrup online (that's what I do, as I find it a lot easier to work with than glucose).  I use  They also sell the elusive Crisco in Australia.


Good luck.

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