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Hi, everyone! I'm very new to decorating. I took up cookies when my son entered the Navy; I needed an outlet for my nerves. I'm a single mom, he's my one and only. Anyhoo, cookies are new to me, my work is new and awkward, I'm inspired to be better. I've literally watched hours and hours and read for hours on Julia's style and, if I could do a 1/4 of her style and pretty work, I could post a picture! Oh, did I mention I'm color blind! Lol, yes, it's a challenge. But I have great friends and work on white butcher paper and write everything on it and write everything on the frosting bags . . . did I say my stuff gets complicated!! It takes a while, but it's all good! Happy decorating! 

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Hi, Wendie, it's me - this time for real. (The above post is automated.) Welcome to the site. I really hope you enjoy it. Thank you too for the very kind words about my work!  (Made my day!)

I am fascinated to learn more about how you mix your cookie colors when color-blind. It's got to be incredibly difficult . . . I am so impressed with your ability to overcome that obstacle!

Marcip5 posted:

Hi Welcome!! I just joined as well! I'm so inspired by you and your determination to just jump right in despite your obstacle . You go girl!!! 

And a big welcome to you too @Marcip5!

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