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I hope I'm in the right forum? Forgive me if I'm not. I am so new to this entire cookie thing. Okay, a little confession . . . I look at these beautiful cookies and my heart leaps and says "you can do it" lol! My brain says "WHERE DO I START?" Designs, patterns . . . how do I get started? There has to be a guideline from which all these beautiful creations are gathered, so please share?? I want to create these beautiful artistic cookies. 

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Hi, Ms. K. You are in the right place! Thanks for posting!

I don't believe that all of the cookies posted here have guidelines or patterns that were followed per se - some people are just quite skilled at creating from within! Though I do know that, especially when starting out, many people follow our online tutorials (here: http://cookieconnection.juliau...hnique-tutorials-all) or the many other great sources of them across the web. Others also copy images they find on the web or elsewhere, though I always advise doing this only with the permission of the original artist from whom one is copying. (Copyright infringement is the possible issue if one does not do this.)

Another way to get started is to seek advice on this site by posting questions under the specific images you like, asking the cookie artist how the cookie was created - with any templates or tracings and with what techniques? This information could also give you a lot to go on.

Best of luck, and happy decorating!

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Hi Ms. K,

I agree with @Julia M. Usher , following tutorials is a good advice. Personally I started my cookie journey last November by following her tutorials and her video projects and then I found her Cookie Connection. Since then I spend my free time looking at the beautiful cookies posted here. All cookies are beautiful and all deserve to have a look at, because sometimes you may learn from the cookies of the "beginner cookiers" just because you may notice some little mistakes.

Look at all the cookies, at their designs, at their details, how the space is filled, read the comments because you will find a lot of advicesand tips from the cookiers. This is a community that shares. For instance the idea of the design of one of my cookies "A Golden Fan on a Red Velvet Cushion" came from "Cupid Strikes" by Diane @Cookie Celebration LLC

Diane explained in one of her comments how she had used a hole puncher to repourpose wafer paper. I used a flower puncher for my wafer paper fan. The flower shaped cuts on the fan revealed a handpainted inner layer. Few days earlier I had read a tutorial from @Lucy (Honeycat Cookies). Now that I am thinking, I guess that my idea came really from reading that tut.http://cookieconnection.juliau...iligree-heart-locket

If you see my cookie, it has nothing to do with the ones I got inspired from, but I owe my design inspiration to Diane and Lucy and of course CC.

Read the past chats and the past interviews with the cookiers. You will learn what inspires them and many other things about their style, because the veterans have developed their own style and design. And you will be inspired.

Participate in the challenges! This will be a great push to brainstorm something new in order to follow Christine's "rules". When the challenge will be finished you will have learned a lot and new ideas and design will come to your mind.

Last thing that may sound weird. I was reading at the beginning of my cookie journey that most of the cookiers were so passionate that at one point they were seeing everything under a cookie perspective and turning everything into cookie and dreaming about projects and designs. It is not weird anymore, it happens. The idea of my cookie above came to my mind after I got an invitation to celebrate the Chinese New Year and during that period there was the Mixed Media Challenge... and out came the design.

I have been really long, but that's me. I just wanted to tell you about my little experience and telling you that you have already all the instruments in your hand to create something just because you are part of Cookie Connection and the guidelines are here. Have fun!

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Manu posted:

Thank you, Diane. This was an old post dated April. Yesterday I found one like and I thought to edit it with the new "@mentions" feature so that you and Lucy know about it. 

Yay, I love to see people using this feature! It's a great one!

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