In honor of my Cake Master's magazine 2013 Cookie Award. my publisher has decided to put my new cookie decorating app on sale this week. Just $3.99 for 15 videos, 20 cookie projects, decorating tips galore, resources, and more!


You'll see select screen shots below, and you can access the app here. Enjoy while you can - the app is usually about $6.


Main Navigation Page - Five Project "Chapters"



Project Chapter Intros - 4 Projects Per Chapter



Typical Project Detail Page



Technique Menu

Techniques Page - Low Res


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Originally Posted by sks:

Hi Julia, I purchased the android app and is amazing. I love your work and dedication. I even posted a review for the app. Would love to see more. Good luck.

Oh, thanks so much! For the review as well - it's really helpful to those selling apps to have people write reviews, as they drive up an app's rank in the app store. Otherwise, it can be really hard to find apps amidst all that are out there. THANK YOU!! And so glad to hear you are enjoying it.

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