It has been a while since I have logged in here and it looks very different. I am trying to familiarize myself with the new look and have found myself frustrated by having so few photos of the great work done by members of this site available before you have to hit "load more" and only get a handful more before again having to do the same. A thumbnail option showing many more photos at once would be great.

Also, in my impatience for wanting to see more photos, I have a couple of times accidentally clicked on a photo, and the back button starts me back at the top, rather than where I was way, way down the photo display. Very frustrating to then have to go back and load more, load more, load more, load more, load more and load more to be able to get back to where I was in looking at photos. Not 100% sure if this is the spot for this suggestion.

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Hi, B! Thanks for the input. This is a fine place to post, though I am trying to consolidate all feedback on the new site here, so it is easier for everyone to see questions and answers in one place.

At any rate, my responses to the issues you raised:

1. Photo loading time: Any delay in photo loading time is a function of your internet connection/service, not the site. For instance, new clip thumbnail pages load for me almost instantaneously, as does the site's home page with photo galleries. I have a standard high speed internet connection. This site contains a ton of data, so if you are experiencing slow loading times, I suggest you look into your internet service, as the site is already optimized to load as quickly as possible with the content it contains.

2. Clip thumbnail pages: The clip thumbnail pages on the new site actually load 20 new photos at a time, not a handful, so if you are experiencing something different, I would need to see a screen shot in order to troubleshoot. It could be yours are loading a few at a time, again, because of internet connection issues. That said, I did make a conscious decision (as did my site hosts) to enlarge photo views on all pages, because the consistent feedback gotten in the past was that thumbnail images were too small to see. Even so, we only decreased the number of images displaying across the thumbnail page by 1 - so now instead of displaying 3 images across, we are displaying 2. This was the best compromise I could strike between providing thumbnails big enough to see and not requiring too much scrolling, and I think it was a good compromise. There will be no further changes to that page to decrease photo size for the forseeable future, so it may just take some getting used to - and/or looking into your internet connection to diminish page load times.

3. Back button jumping to top of page: I agree, this is an inconvenience. Others have already pointed out this issue here, and I have responded there with a workaround until my site hosts decide to correct this issue. I have reported it a few times now, but I cannot afford to make further enhancements to this site through 2016, so my site hosts will have to agree that it is problem enough for all of their communities to fix it for free. To see the workaround, click on the attachments copied from my other post, below, or scroll down to see them.

Thanks again!

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