Hi there - my royal icing is developing spots once mixed - looks grainy. Like my blue cookies will have little dots of darker blue, looks like sand almost. This usually starts developing after 1 hour of mixing gel color into my RI. I will upload a photo shortly. I've tried so many ways to fix this. 

Thought maybe it was over saturated with color - even happens with 1-2 drops of color.

Thought it was my meringue powder - usually use Genie's and switched to Wilton, still happens.

Sifted my RI and whisked with hot water before adding other ingredients. 

Has anyone else had this problem? It's driving me crazy!!

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Yes, I have had this issue more than once, and am having it a lot lately with AmeriColor pinks and blues. I suspect it's the food coloring, as that is the only thing that has changed for me (I usually use Chefmaster). What food coloring are you using?

Yes, I've really only had this problem with AmeriColor - their Burgundy and pinks most lately. No problem with their Turquoise. I'm not sure why it happens or how to remedy it, but it seems isolated to this brand and certain color families (for me, anyway). I try to dry under very controlled conditions (quickly) and use icings as thick as I possibly can, because colors seem to set more stably this way, but still some troubles. An email to AmeriColor might help if you've got the time.  I can't pursue this with them right now, unfortunately.

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alexalsmith posted:

Americolor sent me this email back - someone said to try Hobby Lobby colors so I might test those out. I mix my icing well so I don’t know why it wouldn’t be dissolved.

Hmmm . . . I suppose if it's anything, it's undissolved coloring, not other ingredients. Powdered sugar dissolves nearly instantaneously unless you've got clumps in it.

As a case in point, here's AmeriColor Wedgwood Blue in a bowl, with pink spots on top. I mixed this bowl of icing three days ago, and iced cookies with it. The color set reasonably stably with no pink spots, though not perfectly. On day 2, after presumably enough time for "my ingredients" to dissolve, I returned to the icing to find pink specks all over the top like you see here. I then stirred it to remove specks, and set it aside another day; then I returned today to find the specks again today. This is why I say it seems like coloring not dissolving, not the ingredients. I don't mean to disparage AmeriColor (I love their range of hues), but I just haven't gotten this speckling with any other coloring. Now, this icing was relatively thick (perhaps making it trickier to dissolve the coloring and ingredients), but, again, never this spotting with Chefmaster, which is the other brand I use a lot.



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