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Hi, all! I just wanted to give a warm welcome and thank you to Dotty Raleigh of @SugarDotCookies for becoming our latest site advertiser. If it weren't for the contributions of such supporters, Cookie Connection would cease to exist. (That may sound dramatic, but it's true!) So thank you again, Dotty!

Also, I wanted to alert you to what Dotty is advertising, as I think it will interest those of you with cookie enterprises, or those aspiring to launch businesses soon. For a while now, Dotty has been posting her online business classes to our site calendar, so you may be familiar with them already. But, if not, here's the basic scoop: Dotty regularly hosts live online classes on all manner of business topics from creating brand awareness to the logistics of fulfilling orders efficiently. I haven't yet taken one of Dotty's courses, but they certainly look extremely interesting and quite on point with what you'd need to know when starting out.

Anyway, I am sure she can give you a lot more flavor about her courses, so, without further ado, I direct you to her site! Enjoy!

P.S. If you should lose track of this forum post and be in need of Dotty's info, there are now links on the top-right side of the home page and also under "Resources/Online Classes" in the main navigation line.


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