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Hi, all! I am planning both viewer "Show & Tell" and "Q&A" videos, and am seeking you, my viewers', input by January 15. Please EMAIL all input to
For "Show & Tell" video: If you have completed a project based on one of my videos, please email me (1) a photo of your project, (2) the name of my video that inspired it, (3) your name and location (city or country), and (4) any specific challenges, discoveries, or questions that arose while making the project. I'd like to feature several submissions in this video, along with answering any questions raised in point 4.
For "Q&A" video: Ask me any baking or decorating question, along with sending me your name and location (city or country), and I will attempt to answer it on video.

Thanks in advance!
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I don't try most of your projects because they are above my skill level.  The video I have watched repeatedly is how to do sugar veil.  I'm still trying to master sugar veil.

pip posted:

I didn't see this post. I think its an excellent idea.  

Thanks - I unfortunately didn't have time to shoot this video during my last shoot, but maybe next time. Still seeking input though, as I didn't get much.

Could be the input #'s weren't as expected because it was posted so close to Christmas.  

Give it another try.  In the meantime, I'll try to figure out which ONE of your many video's to work from.  


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