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Hey, all! Creative Cookier's "How Many Minis?" contest continues! I wasn't sure you would see the continuation of her first post about it, so I'm relaying her recently updated information here as well.


To make a long-ish story short, she's filled the vase she won (for being Cookie Connection's Innovator of the Year!) with minis. Now all you have to do is guess how many cookies are in that vase to have a go at some great prizes. All guesses must be entered by March 4, 2015.


Below is a picture of the vase, but just for eye candy. Please read all the contest rules and enter your guess on Creative Cookier's Facebook page, here.


Do NOT place guesses here on Cookie Connection, as they will not be entered in the contest.


Have fun and good luck!




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  • Cookies in Vase: Photo by Creative Cookier
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