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I'm trying to find a recipe for vegan icing that actually takes the color in trying to create. Does anyone know of any recipe or to that will work? 

I have tried to whiten the icing before I color. I have tried different recipes. But I can't seem to find a recipe that creates the correct consistency, that hardens, that takes color. 

Any suggestions would help.

Norma Murray

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Not sure what you mean by "take color". Is the icing just too dark to start? I don't do vegan, so I can't help with a recipe, but I do know of a company/sugar artist (both with a great reputations) who recently released a vegan royal icing mix. You might try it:

I know this post is old but what do you mean with "take color"? I use aquafaba to make my royal icing and the colors are good

I had the same question. I've seen plenty of colored vegan royal icing, so I am not sure what @Imbrookesmom meant by her comment. I have tagged her here, so hopefully she will see our questions and respond.

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