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Hi, all, regrettably, I've recently had to delete some images from challenges and other areas of the site due to lack of compliance with Rule #8 of our posting guidelines, which states that artwork (including characters, from Disney, Hasbro, etc.) cannot be copied and posted here without permission from the creator : http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST In response to those deletions, some members have asked me why so many licensed character cookies exist on the site,...Read More...
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Selling at a Fall Festival

Brigitte Thiele
Hello, I have rented booth space to sell cookies at a small town fall festival next weekend. It was $30 for a day and a 20x20' spot. Attendance is around 1500 to 2000 people. I have been selling a few orders here and there and have started building a good business. But . . . I need some ideas and help with a festival booth. I am ok on all the laws and regulations. What I need is advice from people who may have done this or people with insight. For example . . . Do I put a few cookies out as...Read More...
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IMPORTANT - Powdered Sugar Survey! RE-DO!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, powdered sugar survey-takers and those yet to take it! There WAS an odd one-time issue with how the survey system was capturing and reporting "other" responses in our powdered sugar survey, but we fixed it. Unfortunately, we lost all previous write-in "other" responses in the process, so I zeroed out the survey and am starting it over from scratch. If you already took it, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE IT AGAIN so we can re-build the database that we started. So sorry for any inconvenience that...Read More...