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Announcing the 2016 Cookiers' Choice Awards


Hi, all! Now that the hoopla from the Cake Masters Magazine and EAG Awards has settled, it's time to focus on celebrating the wonders of our very own cookie community and those cookiers whose creations, inspirations, and innovations made 2016 so memorable for us!

While, here on Cookie Connection, we honor each other every day with our likes, comments, and shares, and each week in our Saturday Spotlights, I believe it's important to celebrate accomplishments in a bigger way - by taking a larger look at the cookie work, both on Cookie Connection and beyond, that has most impacted us throughout the year!  

And so, once again, I officially open our 2016 Cookiers' Choice Awards! Woo hoo! Just like last year (results here), we'll be accepting nominations from Cookie Connection members to help establish a slate of finalists in four awards categories. 

The nominations process will be open from now until January 7, 2017 (5 pm central), so don't delay in making your voice heard! 

But before you submit your nominations, please carefully read the category selection criteria (descriptions) below. You will only be given one opportunity to nominate just one person/business per category. All of the awards are international in scope and open to anyone anywhere, including winners from previous years, provided the nominee meets the criteria in each category description. Please note that Cookie Connection and its host/owner (that's me!) are not eligible for nomination in any category. However, any other Cookie Connection contributor is eligible. No nominee, whether a contributor or otherwise, will be eligible to serve on the final awards judging panel.

Also to note: We've made three important changes this year:

(1) Instead of Cookie Philanthropist of the Year as our fourth category, we'll be honoring the year's top cookie collaboration. (We'll continue to honor cookie philanthropists, but only every other year.)

(2) Instead of massive trophies for awards (which have proven to be hard to ship ), winners in each category will receive a cash prize of $500 (and a smaller commemorative trophy).

(3) Nominations from anyone, not just Cookie Connection members, will be accepted.

** Awards Categories **

Cookier of the Year: Awarded to the cookier whose collective portfolio of work posted to Cookie Connection most impressed the Cookie Connection community and awards judging panel in 2016. Cookie portfolios will be evaluated on technical difficulty, number of techniques used, mastery of techniques, originality, and overall design appeal/artistry. To be eligible, cookiers must have posted at least ten cookies (or cookie sets) to Cookie Connection between January 2016 and December 7, 2016. This category is open to professionals and hobbyists alike.

Cookie Educator of the Year: Awarded to a cookie artist, blogger, instructor, or other entity who is deemed by the Cookie Connection community and awards judging panel to have contributed most to advancing cookie decorating instruction in 2016. This category is open to both Cookie Connection members and non-members, and to both individuals and organizations.

Cookie Innovator of the Year: Awarded to the cookie artist, retailer, business, or business person who is deemed by the Cookie Connection community and awards judging panel to have most positively changed the cookie industry through a product or technique innovation introduced between January 2016 and December 7, 2016. This category is open to both Cookie Connection members and non-members, and to both individuals and organizations.

Cookie Collaboration of the Year: Awarded to the group of cookie artists whose collective work, in the form of a group collaboration, most impressed the Cookie Connection community and awards judging panel in 2016. Cookie collaborations will be evaluated on originality, cohesiveness of presentation, technical merit, and overall design appeal/artistry. To be eligible, collaborations must involve more than two cookiers and must have been posted online between January 2016 and December 7, 2016. This category is open to both Cookie Connection members and non-members, and to professionals and hobbyists alike.


Note: You will be directed to our Surveys area to fill out a ballot, which will ask you to briefly explain the rationale for your nominations. Incomplete nominations or ones received after January 7, 2017 (5 pm central) will not be accepted. 

** What To Expect Once Nominations Are In **

  • Between January 7 and January 30, 2017, I will carefully review your nominations for eligibility and tally the results to determine a shortlist of finalists (minimum of two per category). As needed, I may call on a small team of Cookie Connection contributors or other esteemed cookiers (who have not been nominated) to help with any tie-breakers or judgment calls.
  • In early February, the finalists will be announced, and the judging panel will also be finalized and announced. Additional information may be solicited from finalists at this time to assist the judges in determining the ultimate winners.
  • If all goes as planned, judges' ballots will be tallied and winners will be announced no later than end of February!

Again, please take time to carefully consider who best fits the descriptions above for cookie work done in 2016. Please also remember that these awards are based on merit, not popularity. 

Thanks in advance for taking the time to celebrate the accomplishments of fellow cookiers! 



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