BAKRGAL's Day 4: CookieCon 2015 Sugar Show Winners


This year's Sugar Show at CookieCon offered the following categories into which cookie entries could be submitted: Back to School, Wildlife, Super Heroes and Comic Books (a nod to Comic-Con, going on the same weekend, across the street from CookieCon), Anything Goes, and Mystery Shape. Entries in all of the categories (except Mystery Shape) were decorated in advance, and on display from Thursday afternoon through the end of the show. Attendees could vote once for a winner in each category, and the winners were based on popular vote.

In the case of the Mystery Shape category, the cookies were iced during the open decorating session on Saturday, only after the mystery shape had been revealed that morning. The hotel ballroom was chock-a-block with all of the materials necessary to take a cookie from bare to fully decorated. Participants had access to icing, colors, piping bags and tips, Kopykake projectors, dehydrators, airbrushes, materials for handpainting, and fondant and wafer paper for finishing up designs. We were only limited by our own creative energy and the clock. Open decorating started at 8 am, and mystery shapes had to be submitted by 2 pm and voted on by 4 pm. The room was buzzing with activity!

In addition to the popular vote, there were two other sets of winners: one chosen at random by the vendors, and another determined by the Instructors' Choice Awards. In the latter, each of the instructors of the Friday seminars (you can read more about them here) picked her favorite.

I hope you enjoy looking over all of these pictures. There were so many great entries, and I'm sure each of the attendees had his/her own favorites. It was fun to see the winners recognized for their creative accomplishments!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: A special thanks to Karen and Mike Summers of CookieCon for contributing all of the photos for this post, and for making the posting of this information so effortless for us. They went above and beyond, as usual!]

Random Drawing, Back to School

Jennifer Wallace

Random Back To School [JenniferWallace)

Random Drawing, Super Heroes and Comic Books 

Madri Mahtani

Random Super Heroes & Comic Books [MadriMahtani)

Random Drawing, Wildlife 

Christine Sarver

 Random Wildlife [ChristineSarver)

Random Drawing, Anything Goes 

Sherree Hellinger

Random Anything Goes [SherreeHellinger)

Random Drawing, Mystery Shape

Penny Knapik

Random Mystery Shape [PennyKnapik)

Back to School

First Place: Stephanie Organes

Back To School 1st [StephanieOrganes)

Second Place: Andrea Jensen

Back To School 2nd [AndreaJensen)

Third Place: Karine Lemonnier

Back To School 3rd [KarineLemonnier)

Super Heroes and Comic Books

First Place: Teri Lewis

Super Heroes & Comic Books 1st [TeriLewis)

Second Place: Lynne Schuyler

Super Heroes & Comic Books 2nd [LynneSchuyler)

Third Place: Brittney Decker

Super Heroes & Comic Books 3rd [BrittneyDecker)


First Place: Teri Lewis

Wildlife 1st [TeriLewis)

Second Place: Frances Rivera-Myers

Wildlife 2nd [FrancesRivera-Myers)

Third Place: Delorse Sword

Wildlife 3rd [DelorseSword)

Anything Goes

First Place: Jodi Till

Anything Goes 1st [JodiTill)

Second Place: Mirta Biscardi

Anything Goes 2nd [MirtaBiscardi)

Third Place: Teri Lewis

Anything Goes 3rd [TeriLewis)

Mystery Shape

First Place: Amy Clough

Mystery Shape 1st [AmyClough)

Second Place: Tatiana Khromushina

Mystery Shape 2nd [TatianaKhromushina)

Third Place: Amy Thornton

Mystery Shape 3rd [AmyThornton)

Instructors' Choice

Dotty Raleigh's Choice: Gina Miller

Instrct Choice - Dotty [GinaMiller)

Mallory Mae Chiavacci's Choice: Susanne Szabo

Instrct Choice - Mallory [SusanneSzabo)

Bridget Edward's Choice: Pamela Shini

Instrct Choice - Bridget [PamelaShini)

Jeanette Durham's Choice: Katy Metoyer

Instrct Choice - Jeanette [KatyMetoyer)

Laurie Thompson's Choice: Rachael Murray

Instrct Choice - Laurie [RachaelMurray)

Nadia Kalinichenko's Choice: Sharon Runstedler

Instrct Choice - Nadia [SharonRunstedler)

Susan Carberry's Choice: Shannon Tyler

Instrct Choice - Susan [ShannonTyler)

Monica Holbert's Choice: Kerri Roy

Instructors' Choice - Monica Holbert's Choice

BevBetterBarb Florin, aka BAKRGALhas been interested in both baking and art since she can remember. Barb studied art in college, later graduated from pastry school in San Francisco, and, between jobs in corporate America, dabbled in her own baking business. However, it was only within the last few years that she became involved with decorated cookies. In addition to finally finding a way to combine her art and baking interests in one medium, she's met so many members of the cookie community who share a philosophy of creativity, inspiration, and generosity. In Barb's words: "It’s really a fun and fulfilling thing to be a part of!" While at CookieCon: Barb will be doing a "Day in the Life of Barb" series of blog posts that track her CookieCon fun, starting with the highlights of her pre-CookieCon course with Team Cookie and culminating with a recap of the Sugar Show.

Photo credit: Barb Florin

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wow Barb   you did a splendid job       i loved seeing the pics     i was taken with the elephant    i  would be mind boggled if i had to do any selecting         bravo to the winners      bravo to all who attended    thanks again Barb