CookieCon 2018: Day Two (Registration Day)


While CookieCon 2018 opening remarks are still an hour away, people are everywhere. They are chatting, trading, and giving things away. Ann Clark and two of her employees are handing out cookie cutters. Domino Sugar is giving away brown sugar keepers and cookie cutters. I even saw a vanilla tasting. People are swarming around on the second floor, in the elevator, and in the entry, chatting with long lost friends. You can’t go more than a few feet without seeing CookieCon people, all of whom treat you like a good friend. It is an amazing experience. The title picture shows less than half of the people who were registering at noon. The lines never seem to stop, and registration lasts seven hours! It’s all a little overwhelming.

Today, I took another pre-CookieCon class with Shirlyn Leong, called "Kawaii Girl Standing Letters". Taking a second class with her really helped me to understand painting even better! (You can see the project we recreated below.)

Cookies and Photo by Shirlyn Leong.

The food here has been expensive and frequently a little fancy. So, today, I went to a little hole-in-the-wall called Tammy’s International Pizza. The food is old-fashioned, inexpensive, and delicious. I had a huge piece of supreme pizza, a salad, and a bottle of water, all for just $7.74. As a favor, they put meat on my salad, and it was amazing! They did it to be nice and never charged me. Also, the owners are kind and made me feel good. If you are CookieCon, check them out!


I’m planning to write about Camp McGoo, which is later tonight. Stay tuned!

Econlady's CookieCon 2015 Calling CardKate Sullivan, aka Econlady, is a retired economist who started cookie decorating over a decade ago when her seven-year-old daughter wanted to take a cookie decorating class. While her daughter lost interest, Kate continued to explore cookie decorating, always looking for new ideas and techniques. Kate’s cookies have been featured on a trading card at CookieCon 2015 (pictured left) and also in Cookie Connection’s Practice Bake Perfect Challenge #14. In 2016, Kate took over as Newsletter Editor of the National Cookie Cutter Collectors Club, where her decorated cookies were showcased on the cover of each newsletter. More recently, she was named the club's Treasurer. Kate is a long-time veteran of CookieCon, having attended since the very beginning, so she is sure to bring us the up-to-the-minute CookieCon inside scoop. 

Title and restaurant photo credits: Kate Sullivan
Cookie and cookie photo credit: Shirlyn Leong

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