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Flour Survey Prize Drawing - The Results Are In!


As you hopefully know by now, I had a small contest running in tandem with our recently launched flour survey, which accompanies @Liesbet's upcoming Toolbox Talk about flour in the making of cookies! You can see the survey and read about the bonus question (#15) here, but, essentially, I entered everyone who correctly answered the question, "What does one cup of all-purpose flour weigh?" into a random drawing of $100 worth of surprise prizes. 

It turns out that only 15.6% of the survey's 289 respondents (or 45 people) answered this question correctly, which was "it depends". Yes, it's indeed impossible to know how much a cup of all-purpose flour weighs without knowing how it was handled and/or measured before it landed in the cup. Depending on whether it was sifted first, or scooped and scraped (as opposed to plunging the cup in the flour), or measured some other way, one can get very different weights of the same type (and brand) of flour in one cup. Weights can also vary with brand of all-purpose flour and from one one-cup measure to another, believe it or not! Anyway, Liesbet's next Toolbox Talk, which I aim to post later this coming week, will provide an even deeper explanation, so I'll leave it at this for now, and turn to introducing the winner of the random drawing - and what s/he won!

And, drum roll, please . . . that random winner is @TreatsbyTrish! Trish has won $100 worth of my Prettier PlaquesTM stencil sets, which equates to five five-piece stencil sets! Trish will be able to choose from among the 20 or so sets I have on hand at my house (to supply upcoming sweets shows) to get exactly the designs she wants. A small sampling of my fall selection is shown below, but again, Trish, you are not obliged to select those. Just drop me an email to let me know which ones you'd like (you can view my entire line at, and I'll let you know if I have them on hand.


Congrats again, Trish! And, everyone, please stay tuned for the upcoming Toolbox Talk!


Images (2)
  • Flour Survey Winner Announcement Banner: Photo by Liesbet; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
  • Fall Prettier Plaques Stencil Collection: Stencil Designs, Cookies, and Photos by Julia M Usher

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