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Great New Site Features in The Proximity Search Release! Backtracking Issue Fixed Too!


As you may have read in Monday's forum post, the site was down for a short period today (Wednesday, January 27) to allow for a software upgrade, which (my site host) has aptly called "The Proximity Search Release". (You'll see why this is apt in a sec.)

I know you're going to love these changes!  Though they've been a long time coming (I first suggested some of them to about two years ago), they are going to make connecting on this site SO much easier to do.

So, without further ado, here are the three major changes made in this upgrade:

1.  Search for members based on proximity

What this means is that you can now search for members within a certain radius of a specified postal code/country, anywhere in the world! YAY! This search is available via the Advanced Search option. To access the Advanced Search option, simply click on the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the main navigation line and then on the blue "Advanced Search" link above the search entry box.  A new page will open, entitled "Search". Click on "Members" in the dropdown menu that reveals right under the "Search" title. Once you do this, the following member search page will display: 

Member Search Screen

Just scroll on down to the "Search by Geographical Data" link and click on it. The following page will then reveal:

Geo Search

Now, just enter the country and zip/postal code where you'd like to find members, select a proximity to that postal code in the dropdown menu to the right, and then hit the blue "Search" button at the bottom of the page. So, for instance, if you select "within 50 miles", all members located within 50 miles of the postal code you entered should come up in your search.

As you may have noticed in the image above, you also have the option to display the search results either as a list of members, or as members located on a map. Here's what came up when I selected the map option and searched for members within 50 miles of my zip code! (Hey, there are SO many more Missourians than I thought! )

Julia on Map

Important Privacy Note: For reasons of privacy, a member can always opt not to enter his/her postal code in his/her member profile. The above geographic search will only find members who have entered accurate postal code information in their profiles.

2.  Search by specific profile field

Again, via the Advanced Search option, you can now search the member database by any field in the member profile. Previously, you could only search by a member's displayed name and keywords. But now, you can search on many more specific variables, such as whether the member sells cookies, if s/he is a hobbyist or a home-based business operator, and so on.

To do this, simply follow the steps in Part 1 to open up the member search page and then click on the blue "Search by Specific Profile Field" link. Here's a partial view of what will come up:

Profile Search View

I decided I wanted to get fancy and search for people within 50 miles of me who also sell cookies. So I left my previously entered geographical search criteria as they were and then also entered "Yes" in the "Cookies for Sale" field above. Then I hit the search button and ta-da . . .

Search Results Sell Cookies within 50 mi of me

Turns out, of the 30-plus members in my area, only 15 sell cookies - and I'm not one of them! But if I ever get a local order, I'll know exactly where to direct it. (Just click on any of the red balloons on the map, and the member's profile info will reveal!)

I hope you'll all take advantage of this enhanced search functionality by reaching out to members in your area and forging new connections. Just think of the possibilities! Now it's easier than ever to organize mini-meetups, to find cookiers to take on orders you can't handle, to send out invitations to classes you're conducting . . . the list goes on!

And last, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, the third improvement is one I know many of you have been clamoring for, ever since the new site launched!

3. Backtracking issue in clips thumbnail area is fixed, and more!

Two key changes were made to the clips thumbnail page(s) to allow for easier and quicker viewing of clips. First, 90 clips are now loaded to each page (as opposed to 20); this means substantially less hitting of the "Load More" button (which, BTW, has been replaced by a page scrolling function at the bottom of the page). Additionally, if you click on an image to view the details and you want to return to where you were on the thumbnail page, you can! All you need to do is hit the back arrow in your browser. Yes, thankfully, peace and order have been restored! 

And that's all she wrote! Again, I hope these new features make your experience on Cookie Connection that much sweeter! Enjoy!



Images (5)
  • Member Search Opening Screen: Screenshot from Cookie Connection
  • Geographical Search View: Screenshot from Cookie Connection
  • Results of Julia's Geographic Search: Screenshot from Cookie Connection
  • Profile Field Search View: Screenshot from Cookie Connection
  • Results of Julia's Geographic and Profile Field Search: Screenshot from Cookie Connection

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Econlady posted:

Great tool!  Thanks!   Can non-members do this search?

No, you have to be a member to interact with the site, meaning post, search, comment, etc. But if a non-member wants to do an advanced search, they can easily join (the site's free! ).

Non-members can view almost everything, however. For instance, they can click on any member profile and view it, without joining the site. I've allowed non-members this option, because it makes it easier for them to locate and contact the creators of particular cookies they see on the site. I get several purchase inquiries each week, and I always direct them to the cookiers' member profiles.

Last edited by Julia M. Usher

Thanks for making cooking such a fun experience, Julia! You have really done a beautiful thing in making, maintaining and updating this site. It's challenged me, taught me and blessed me to be a part of this group. <3 God bless you! ~Kim

Thanks so much, Kim and Lisa. If not for words of encouragement like yours, it wouldn't be nearly as fun and rewarding to keep it all going!

Cookieria by Margaret posted:

Congrats Julia! Love all the new features! Have been trying them! �� �� 


Thanks, Margaret!

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