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How to Make Marbled Fondant to Cover Cookies

It often happens that those who decorate cookies have leftover white or colored plastic chocolate (aka modeling chocolate) or fondant. Not sure what to do with it? Have some fun with marbling! (I use plastic chocolate, but the method is no different if you use fondant.)




I prepare a prevailing color and two others, smaller in size, which may also be two different tones of the same color.


First, form colored cylinders:



Then press the colored cylinders together:



Roll the combined cylinder to twist the colors:



Fold the cylinder in half:



Roll again with your hands:



Again, fold the cylinder in half and twist it:



Then roll - again:



Repeat the above steps until you get a sufficiently marbled product:



At this point, roll out the dough as usual into a flat sheet:




Cut out the plastic chocolate into pieces that fit the cookies:


Marbled cookies


Then lay a piece on top of each cookie. [EDITOR'S NOTE: And stick it down with a little corn or other sweet syrup, a mixture of water and jam, or a thin coating of royal icing, as noted by the author in the comments below.]



That's it!



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  • Marbled Fondant Cutouts: Photo by Francesca Belfiore of Dolcimaterieprime

Francesca Dolcimaterieprime 

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Thanks for uploading this tutorial, Francesca. One question: how do you stick the fondant or plastic chocolate onto the cookie - with water? a schmear of royal icing? or something else? My modeling chocolate won't stick to a naked cookie without a little help!

Thank you for this tutorial! I just used fondant for the first time this weekend and ended up doing something like this. I wish I had seen this first- your way is better! Thank you for sharing it!
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