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Introducing Cookie Connection's First Featured Blogger: Karen Anderson!

Woo hoo! I'm thrilled to announce that Karen Anderson has joined Cookie Connection as a regular featured blogger, with her very own blog category called, "How DID You Do That?"


Every few weeks or so, she'll be featuring compelling cookie work that, at one time, had her scratching her head and asking that very question. That is, until she had the chance to meet the cookier one on one to get the inside scoop on the tricks and techniques used.


Stay tuned. Karen's first feature will be debuting in the next day or two. And it's one you won't want to miss!


A big thanks to Karen for so generously contributing her time and talents to further the goal of cookie decorating education on Cookie Connection! Please read more about Karen below.



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Karen Anderson is a home cookie decorator just outside of New Orleans, LA. She's excited to get Sugardeaux ready for business this August when Louisiana's Cottage Food Law becomes law. She discovered cookie art three years ago while surfing online for inspiration for a cake. Now cakes take a back seat to creating edible art with cookies.


Photo credit: Karen Anderson


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