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One Smart Cookie Award at Show Me Sweets, St.Charles, Missouri, USA


Hi, everyone! I've got an exciting opportunity for those of you who are into competitive cookie decorating, or just generally stretching your sugar arts skills! I am sponsoring and judging a brand new and very special award at the upcoming Show Me Sweets Cake & Candy Convention in St. Charles, Missouri, on September 8-9, 2018. Yes, as the banner above reveals, it's "Julia M Usher's One Smart Cookie Award", and it comes with the possibility of a $500 cash prize plus a crystal trophy valued at $300!

Wondering what this award is all about? Please read on and also review all of the other cookie entry guidelines on the Show Me Sweets site.

I sincerely hope to see you at the show, with or without an entry. If the first Show Me Sweets in 2017 is any indication, this second one is sure to be amazing!

Note: If you do plan to enter, please do not communicate anything about your entry to me, as all entries must remain disguised/anonymous. Thank you!

Julia M Usher’s
One Smart Cookie Award

Eligibility: All entrants in the Semi-Pro and Pro 3-D Cookie Cavern categories will be considered for this award.

Description: This award will be presented to the one artist, across both categories, whose cookie entry stands out as supremely “smart” in all respects. In addition to having extraordinary visual appeal, the winning entry must demonstrate an original and ingenious design, construction, and/or application of decorating techniques. While it should take risks, push boundaries, and/or explore new techniques or forms, it should do so “smartly”, with thoughtful use of color and texture and an appreciation of artful scale and balance. In short, it should exhibit that stroke of genius that leaves onlookers wondering how it was made or wishing they had come up with the idea first!

Requirements: Entries must follow all the guidelines set forth in the Show Me Sweets Semi-Pro and Pro 3-D cookie categories. In addition, entries:

(1) cannot include copies or close facsimiles of others’ cookie designs, art, characters, or other copyrighted materials unless (a) permission was received from the copyright holder(s) to have said work used in this fashion in this competition, or unless (b) the copied material is in the public domain. All such permissions (or evidence of public domain status) must be included in the entrant’s entry form/supporting documentation.

(2) cannot include any inedible material, including internal supports (exception: the display base may be inedible). Again, the entrant’s entry form/supporting documentation must contain process steps that detail materials and supports used, especially if the latter are not visible.

Prize: $500 cash, plus engraved crystal trophy

Conditions: The Show Me Sweets staff and Julia M Usher reserve the right not to award a winner in this category as they deem appropriate.

Best of luck to all who enter!


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  • One Smart Cookie Award Banner: Cookie Photo from iStock with Permission; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher

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Elke Hoelzle posted:

How fun!!!! Would be a amazing thing to go to the event and apreciate all entries!!

I hope we get some great entries too! It's a young/new show, and it always takes some time for competitions to catch on and develop.

verapsyk posted:

What is a cookie cavern?

"Cookie caverns" is the theme for the Show Me Sweets cookie competition and is explained here: It's intended to be a place in the mythical "Land of Sweets". Entrants are to use their imaginations to design this place (what it might look like or contain) in their cookie entries. That's really all I can say, since interpretation of this theme is partly how entrants get judged.

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