Saturday Spotlight: Best of Back-to-School Cookies

Back in my day, we started school after Labor Day. But in 2014, here in Webster Groves, Missouri, the kids have been at their desks now for about two weeks. And, here on Cookie Connection, the back-to-school postings started well before then, probably as early as July! (Wow, talk about getting a jumpstart!)


It seems only fitting then that we highlight the best of back-to-school cookies this week - and, boy, did we have some great ones. Know any kids who aren't so happy about returning to the classroom? Well, here's the antidote. Any one of these sets is sure to cheer them up!




Congrats to this week's hot list*! And, don't forget, we've got a live chat today (Saturday, August 23, 9 am central) with Cookie'sCool instructor, Francesca Belfiore of Dolcimaterieprime. I hope to "see" you there.


#1: Apple for the Teacher by Cadillac Cookies

Apple for the Teacher - Cadillac Cookies - 1


#2: School Bus by Buttercup Cookie

School Bus - Buttercup Cookie - 2


#3: Thank You Teacher Cookies 2014 by Cheerful Momma's Custom Art Cookies [EDITOR'S NOTE: Special congrats to this talented newcomer to the site!]

Thank You Teacher Cookies 2014 - Cheerful Mommas Custom Art Cookies - 4


#4: Vuelta al Cole (aka Back to School) by Carmen Hermuz [EDITOR'S NOTE: Another gifted newcomer!]

vuelta al cole - carmen hermuz - 5


#5: Teacher Appreciation by Melissa at Art of Frosting

Teacher Appreciation - Melissa at the Art of Frosting - 3


#6: Thanks for Bean a Great Teacher by Compassionate Cake

Thanks for Bean a Great Teacher - Compassionate Cake - 7


#7: First Day of School by Amy's Sweetcraft

First Day of School - Amys Sweetcraft - 9


#8: Back-to-School Cookie Supplies by Nicole Jackson Silva [EDITOR'S NOTE: Yet another newcomer in the month of August!]

back to school Cookie supplies - nicole Jackson Silva - 6


#9: Back to School by Dhsprad

Back to School - dhsprad - 8


#10: School Set by Winn at Cherry Blossom Creations

school Set - Winn at Cherry Blossom Creations - 10


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Wow!! This was an awesome surprise after the week I had that ended with two sick kiddos!! This is the first time I posted my cookies on CC and I got spotlighted...I feel so honored to have my work shared among such talented ladies and feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing cookie community!! <3