Saturday Spotlight: This Week's Top 10 Cookies

I don't know about you, but I'm glad to see us finally emerging from the polar vortex - at least on this site. Not that all the snowflakes, penguins, and other wintry cookies weren't great. They were! But . . . they kept reminding me of my sub-zero plight. (Here in Missouri we've been experiencing an unearthly cold, which has made cookie decorating in my basement - my usual work space - pretty much out the question for way too long. )


But suddenly, as if out of thin air, there are brighter, more spring-y cookies of all types drifting lyrically onto our site. And their sunny dispositions are warming up my mood! So much so that I posted a cheery new site backdrop today . . .



I think it's my favorite of all the backdrops that Pretty Sweet Designs has made for me! But I digress . . .


My point is: this week's top cookies have brightened my bleak winter day, and I am grateful for that. I'm also pretty certain that they'll work the same magic on you!


Enjoy, and congrats to everyone in this week's Spotlight!


#1: Music to Your Soul by The Cookie Lab

Music to Your Soul - The Cookie Lab - 1

#2: Mardi Gras and Venetian Masks by Evelindecora 

Mardi Gras and Venetian Masks - Evelindecora - 2


#3: BebÉs Elefantes by El Atelier de la Reposteria

Bebes Elefantes - El Atelier de la Reposteria - 3


#4: Love Birds by Little Wonderland [EDITOR'S NOTE: Special congrats to LW, as this cookie has been a top-trender for about three weeks!]

Love birds - Little Wonderland - 4


#5: Galletas de BebÉ by Con Azúcar y AlgodÓn

Galletas de Bebe - Con Azúcar y Algodón - 5


#6: Bunny and Vintage Carrot Poster by Alma de Galleta

Bunny and Vintage Carrot Poset - Alma de Galleta - 6


#7: Colorful Puppies and Flowers by Alejandra at Bake & FUN

Colorful-puppies and Flowers - Alejandra at Bake & FUN - 7


#8: Friends Are the Wings of Our Souls by Dolce Sentire

Friends are the Wings of our Souls - Dolce Sentire - 9


#9: Heart with White Lace by Irina

Heart with White Lace - Irina - 8


#10: Sweet Baby Ivy by Sweet Smiles

Sweet Baby Ivy - Sweet Smiles - 10


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Gracias, gracias y gracias... Estoy muy contenta de estar en este top ten rodeada de compañeras con tantísimo talento. Enhorabuena a todas mis compañeras de ranking y muchas gracias a Julia Usher y a la gente que ha votado mi galleta. Gracias!!!