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I'm up in Maine this weekend, checking on my long-distance home renovation, and it's as if I've been transported back in time by a month or two. When I left my house in St. Louis on Friday, it was a balmy 60°F, I'd shed my winter coat in favor of a light jacket, and I was giving happy nods to my daffodils and hellebores as I passed them on the front path to pick up my cab to the airport. But, today, I could have easily passed for Meryl Streep in The French Lieutenant's Woman. When not inspecting (the very minimal) construction progress in my still un-heated Maine house, I was out in the yard cloaked in woolen scarf and coat, alternately surveying the winter-kill in our garden and gazing out at the cold, bleak sea. (Such is the Maine landscape in April. All. Rather. Dreary.)

Fortunately for me, this Spotlight came in the nick of time! It gave me the excuse to return to my hotel room, where I lost the scarf, cranked the heat, and hunkered down with a steaming cup of hot chocolate to review this week's posts. Thank you, honorees! This hot list* is so spring-y and cheerful that it warmed my spirits long before my toes and fingers got around to thawing!

I'm sure it will warm all of your spirits too!

#1: Spring Cookies by Evelindecora#1 - Spring Cookies by Evelindecora

#2: The Pleasure of Reading by Dolce Flo#2 - The Pleasure of Reading by Dolce Flo

#3: Spring Has Sprung by Shea#3 - Spring Has Sprung by Shea

#4: Out of this World Birthday Celebration! by Cookies Fantastique by Carol#4 - Out of this World Birthday Celebration! by Cookies Fantastique by Carol

#5: Пасхальный заяц (aka Easter Bunny) by Olesia Gul#5 - Пасхальный заяц (aka Easter Bunny) by Olesia Gul

#6: Easter Cookie Box 2019 by Manu
#6 - Easter Cookie Box 2019 by Manu

#7: Easter Bunnies by Di Art Sweets#7 - Easter Bunnies by Di Art Sweets

#8: Lambeth Overpiping by Tina at Sugar Wishes#8 - Lambeth Overpiping by Tina at Sugar Wishes

#9: Geometric Hearts by Heba Elalfy#9 - Geometric Hearts by Heba Elalfy

And, what would a hot list be without our tenth honoree . . .

#10: An Egg by Teri Pringle Wood#10 - An Egg by Teri Pringle Wood

P.S. Sorry for the interminable delay in getting this Spotlight posted. I started it about four hours ago (they usually take two hours to write), but, with the spotty internet connection at the hotel, I had several false starts, data losses, and re-writes. I'll have to remember to hook up super high-speed internet access at the new house! 'Til next week, when I'll be back on warmer turf . . .

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