Saturday Spotlight: Top 10 Father's Day Cookies


Okay, why is it that fathers are so darn hard to cookie for? Theories, anyone?! All I know is that I usually experience major creative block whenever I start to think about Father's Day cookies, and I suspect I'm not the only one.

That's why we're giving Father's Day cookie-ing a headstart here on Cookie Connection with this week's Spotlight. Mother's Day isn't even over yet, so my apologies to moms for diverting the attention from them - but we need to move onto dads tout suite in order to be assured that we'll have fantabulous cookies for them in a month! 

Fortunately for you, this week's roundup of Father's Day cookies offers lots of food for thought. And you'll find plenty more ideas where these came from in our Father's Day clip set! Enjoy, and congrats to this week's honorees.

#1: Lambeth-Style Photo Frame by Kanch J [EDITOR'S NOTE: One of the lovely entries in our last Practice Bakes Perfect challenge!]
#1 - Lambeth-Style Photo Frame by Kanch J

#2: Thank You Typography Cookie by KillerZebras [EDITOR'S NOTE: This cookie, first posted in 2014, is making a repeat Spotlight appearance, thanks to a sudden resurgence in interest.]#2 - #2 - Thank You Typography Cookie by KillerZebras

#3: Woodgrain Acoustic Guitar by Kat Rutledge-ibicci#2 - Woodgrain Acoustic Guitar by Kat Rutledge-ibicci

#4: Custom Jerseys and Dirt Bikes by Jill - Custom Cookies by Jill#4 - Custom Jerseys and Dirt Bikes by Jill - Custom Cookies by Jill

#5: Rainbow Trout v2.0 by The Cookie Monger#5 - Rainbow Trout v2.0 by The Cookie Monger

#6: Merci Cookies by emilybaking#6 - Merci Cookies by emilybaking

#7: Beer Mugs by Teri Pringle Wood#7 - Beer Mugs by Teri Pringle Wood

#8: Golf Cookies by Former Member [EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, sadly, we have people exit the site from time to time, leaving behind a legacy of unnamed photos, like these Father's Day classics.]#7 - Golf Cookies by Former Member

#9: Kilt Cookies by Maggie Loves Cookies#9 - Kilt Cookies by Maggie Loves Cookies

And one of my personal faves (because I am pretty much a geek at heart!) . . .

#10: Geek Detail by Custom Cookies#10 - Geek Detail by Custom Cookies

And that's it for this week's Spotlight. Now that you're well equipped with Father's Day ideas, please relax while celebrating your moms tomorrow! 

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