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A Tasty Story Tutorial

A tasty story - and tutorial!

I made this cookie storybook for an adoption shower, but the idea can be adapted to any occasion. Each cookie moves the story forward, and long after the cookies are gone, the book remains!

For this project, I used nothing more than my PC and Microsoft Publisher to create the text and pages of the book. [EDITOR'S NOTE: And let's not forget . . . her cookie decorating and photo editing prowess to create the images in the book!] First, I wrote the story, and decided what cookies I was going to make to go along with it. Then I sketched out each cookie.

For example, for the cookie below, a girl living in China dreams of a girl in America, so I found clip art of a girl sleeping, and hand-cut a cookie in the shape of the United States. After flooding the United States cookie, I outlined the art on the cookie with an edible marker. 

Girl in bed

I then handpainted the cookie to fit the color scheme of the rest of the set.  

 painted cookie

Every other cookie in the book was flooded, outlined, and painted or decorated with icing, and then photographed on a white background.

Baby Girl

I then used a free online computer program called Background Burner to “remove” the white background, so that just the cookie image remained, as shown in the globe image below.


Lastly, I inserted the background-less cookie images into my MS Publisher storybook. 

individual pages

By the time I finished, each cookie story page had a matching REAL cookie friend.  

cookie pairs

I printed out the pages, and glued and stapled them all together.

At the adoption shower, I presented the “expecting" mother with some cookie boxes. They were tied with ribbons, but when she opened them, there was just shredded paper inside. The mom and her young daughter looked up, then smiled as I removed my tasty storybook from the box by my side and started to read it. As I got to the cookie on each page, I passed the real cookie along to the guests, who then passed it up to the mother so that she could put it into one of the boxes on her lap. When the story was done, she had two full boxes of cookies, and a story that would remain long, long after the cookies disappeared.  

Here is my tasty story if you want to “read” it . . .

[EDITOR'S NOTE: What a clever and cute idea! Thanks to JenniBakes4U, aka Jennifer Wallace, for taking the time to share her project with us! Remember, folks, anyone can contribute a blog post to Cookie Connection, as long as it follows these guidelines. I'd love to learn more about what you all have been creating!]

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Images (6)
  • Girl in Bed Cookie, Image Drawn with Edible Marker: Cookie and Photo by JenniBakes4U
  • Girl in Bed Cookie, Painted in Manner to Match the Set: Cookie and Photo by JenniBakes4U
  • Baby Girl Cookie, Photographed on White Background: Cookie and Photo by JenniBakes4U
  • Globe Cookie, with White Background Removed: Cookie and Photo by JenniBakes4U
  • Cookie Pair - Cookie with "Matching" Cookie Page: Cookie and Photo by JenniBakes4U
  • Individual Page, with Cookie Photos Inserted: Cookie and Photo by JenniBakes4U
Videos (1)
Tasty Story Video - The Finished Book! ENJOY!

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Originally Posted by Liesbet:

it sounds like it was a whole lot of work, but I am sure it was hugely appreciated!


Thanks!  Now that I have everything set up, the next one will be easier...

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