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First thing I thought of when I read the new challenge was this clip from Dune.  I thought about making a pain box, but I had made gingerbread houses before, so I wanted to challenge my newbie self a little.  Things I tried that had never been tried before: baking cookies on a curve and dipping royal icing.  These were met with mixed success

I made my own piano templates and hand cut the cookies.  For the sides, I cut two straight bits, and then molded play-doh (and then covered that with aluminum foil).  You can see the four pieces attached here.  The double curve had the most problem, but I was relatively happy.  


I tried dipping that entire large piece and letting it try on a cooling rack, but 1) my dipping icing wasn't thin enough and pooled very heavily (see below) and 2) it was awkward.  If I were to do this again, I would not try to get a smooth side.  Dots, lines, something to allow me to cover bits up.  


I also didn't think about how the edges would be slightly drippy/covered in black.  I tried painting on black icing to cover the bits, but I like where the cookie is neatly and cleanly exposed better.  

Other note for next time: Make the piano keys earlier.  They were my last step because I wasn't sure how much space I would have.  

Thanks for pushing me to do something new again, Cookie Connectioneers!  


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