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February 21


Corona, CA


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When I turned 30 in February, 2013, I decided I needed to take on a hobby. I thought cookie decorating would be fun so when my husband bought me the Wilton decorating kit, I was so excited and got right to work. I had never picked up an icing bag and I was just beginning to learn things like flooding and different size icing tubes. After a week of decorating, people were asking to buy my cookies. I have 3 kids, 7, 5, & 2, so my time is very limited. I only take a few orders so I can get practice in.

I hope to one day be a decorator that other beginners look to. I learned everything I know by tutorials online. I am so inspired by cookie decorators like SugarBelle, Sweetopia, SweetAmbs, etc. The list is long now


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Family comes first!

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Hobbyist Decorator

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Collections Dept. for mobile notary service

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My very first cookie that I "flooded"

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No clue!

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