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Meredith-For the Love of Bertie

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September 19


Alamo Heights, TX


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Baking has been a huge part of my life since I was just a little girl! My Grandmother was a baker who sold her famous oatmeal cookies in local stores in the 1940s, so I guess I come by it naturally. I love to bake pies especially, but over the last year I have gotten into baking and decorating sugar cookies. I stumbled upon Pam @ CookieCrazie's site and caught the cookie bug! For the first time I loved the way a sugar cookie tasted and the glaze, oh that sweet, sweet glaze...never before had I enjoyed a sugar cookie before trying Pam's recipes! ( I even converted my husband, who hated sugar cookies!)


I was diagnosed with MS a little over a year ago, and with the stress of being a Special Education teacher, I chose to quit teaching and stay at home. Decorating cookies has become my creative outlet that lets me put a little money in my pocket. I am nowhere near as talented as so many cookiers that I follow online, but I aspire to be there someday!!

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