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Assorted Contoured Planters by TeeAdri
Watch-Learn-Create Challenge #51

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Like my previous entry, humidity was a huge challenge.  I used Julia's suggestions of keeping the pieces in containers.  I also used edible food spray on the blue planter but I did have to keep re-baking the piece several times to get it to a place where I could spray it.

This was a fun challenge and I learned a lot!

My greatest mistake that I learned from is that if you paint with gels, it will take weeks to dry to the point where it isn't sticky any longer.  I will not do that again.

Congrats on your second entry @TeeAdri! Beautiful, each an every planter, especially the two contoured ones and for different reasons.

I love the β€œconcrete” one. It looks minimalist and β€œsimple”, yet only those who tried to bake half cylinder cookies, especially if they have to deal with humidity once the cookies are baked, know that it is not β€œsimple” at all. I like the results of the concrete technique with plain parchment paper, it looks a real pot and not a cookie.

I can tell the same for the hemisphere planter, in my favorite color, it looks real ceramic. Are the yellow flowers around the pot contoured cookies as well? The contrast of the yellow against the blue is beautiful. How did you get the effect on the rim? Did you use a mold or a tool to impress those lines?
Glad to read about your learning experience using gel food coloring on the dough, and thank you for sharing with us. I actually learned to paint with gel colorings (although on royal icing) by participating to PBP challenge #15, and I remember how annoying it was to discover they might be sticky.

Thanks for all the nice compliments!

Manu, the yellow flowers around the blue planter were gingerbread dough formed in an edible lace mat mold and peeled (carefully) out of the mold and applied to the planter before baking.  The rim decoration was made in the same way with a Karen Davies mold.

Julia, yes the blue planter was all painted in gel colors.  And, I used your gingerbread dough recipe.

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