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Easter Egg Cookies 2016 | Manu

Easter Egg Cookies 2016 | Manu
I know it may be boring . . . I painted the same floral pattern of my Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #15 entry on these cookies.

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Teri Pringle Wood posted:

You, manu, are so good at Istanbul! !!! Love these so much! !!!


Thank you, Teri, your comment means so much to me.
I had those tile patterns so deep in my mind that I felt to decorate some Easter Eggs with them... but this set is not a Challenge entry.

swissophie posted:

They are absolutely gorgeous! Your patterns are perfect for eggs. You should paint some real eggs with them

Thank you, Sonja. I should practice more with RI and trying doing that beautiful lace you did with your eggs!

Fabiana posted:

Excelente trabajo Manu !! Admiro la perfección de tus dibujos, la combinación de colores y la creatividad !! Bravo !!

Thank you so much, Fabiana! This Challenge has been so inspiring, it helped me to dare with colors. 

Ahimsa Custom Cakes posted:

These are so beautiful! 

Laegwen posted:

Nope, not boring. Beautiful

Mara's Flour Power posted:

Definitely not boring.  These cookies are beautiful.

Thank you, ladies!
One hand I thought it would have been something new and unusual for Easter, as the colors are not so delicate. On the other, I was afraid to be boring as I used the same patterns for my previous set and it wasn't something new anymore... 

Kero posted:

Love this set

Magadiuz posted:

Great set! ❤️❤️❤️

Leeanne posted:


Evelindecora posted:

Sono splendidi Manu!!! ❤️

Thank you so much, ladies! You made my day! Grazie.

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