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Love Is in the Air - Suspended Stringwork
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #44

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@Susanna Josina This is so very delicate looking. Can you let us know the techniques and methods you used to create these beautiful pieces (as per Rule 6) as well as any tips or lessons that you might want to share.

Hi Thank you Jullia. Im a great fan of your work

Thanks, so much, Susanna! And congrats on being our first challenge entrant this time. We'd love to see some in-process shots, if you've got them, to explain to others how you created this stunning  gravity-defying effect! Well done.

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These are so great!!! @Susanna Josina, you've done a wonderful job in creating suspended stringwork. I'd also love to see some in process images if you've got them. What would you say were the biggest challenges you ran into while making these wonderful cookies? I've been doing a lot of thinking about this challenge and want to create something that can work...any tips you can give are most appreciated!! ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

Step by step:

  1. Bake your sugar cokie and make your royal icing
  2. Flood cookie with flood consistancing RI and dry overnight.
  3. I used flooding consistancing RI to create the top disc,when dried overnight decorate on top if you want.
  4. Balance dried disc onto of foam block -( you choose hight of block) in the middle of your flooded cookie.
  5. RI bagged with tip 2 nossel start to create strings from the top of disc down to the edge of the cookie.
  6. When you are halfway through the cookie leave enough space to take out the foam block.
  7. continue with the strings or decorate bottom cookie before finishing your strings on your cookie.
  8. Do heart on the edgs of the cookie to creat the border.
  9. Let it dry overnight before handling your creation.

What would you say were the biggest challenges you ran into while making these wonderful cookies? I did not have any major challenges the one thing was inpatience from my side so picking the cookie up to show my husband then all the strings broke. Done that a few times just to relize first to let the cookie dry overnight befor picking it up.

TIPS: Be patient and keep on trying. Right consistance for your royal icing is key. Know what you want to create before you start.

Your designs are so very delicate looking, and the hearts are a really nice touch. I particularly love how you have continued the detailed piping through to the top of the cookies – it looks like your stringwork is gracefully floating over the cookies! Also, thank you for the great tips and for explaining the step-by-step process. I definitely agree that this is one technique that requires patience – and you have pulled it off beautifully.

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