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Valentine Cookie
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #44

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This was completed in parts, the curved heart topper was done first and then string work to suspend it on the cookie.  This was an engineering challenge and lots of start, stops and "oh gosh that didn't work" and redesigns.  Having said all of that it was fun.  Thank you for letting me play!Domed toppersSecond stage, putting it together


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  • Domed toppers
  • Second stage, putting it together
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Wow,Lisa this is awesome 👏 Thanks for adding whole process of building your heart in air👏❤️

Thank you, it took a number of attempts and modification of original design but it seemed to work in the end, I certainly wouldn't do it for any of my clients as its durability in transport would send me into a nervous wreak!!!

The finished design looks absolutely perfect, and there are so many wonderful elements. I love the contrast of the delicate, white stringwork against the bold, red icing. The stringwork heart really is the focal point of this very elegant cookie. I wouldn't be surprised if a client sees this and still makes an effort to have them made!

What gorgeous work Lisa @Lisa R!! Your stringwork is beautifully done and perfectly piped in equal distances from one string to the next. Thank you for all the wonderful photos showing the process you went through to create this gorgeous entry. Awesome work ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

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