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“S” is for Silvia (2019) |Manu
A Birthday cookie for my lifelong friend

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B8B49E59-DCBA-4841-A565-303432F9C8AF“S” is for Silvia. Monogram cookie for my friend on her birthday. The monogram is “cross stitched” with royal icing on the needlepoint grid made with Sugarveil Needlepoint Mat.



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  • “S”is for Silvia (2019) |Manu: Design, Cookie and Photo by Manu
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So beautiful!!! What a wonderful gift of love, thoughtfulness and appreciation of friendship!! @Manu biscotti decorati, the many personalized cookie gifts you create are truly indicative of who you are as a person ❤️❤️❤️.

I absolutely cherish gifts that are made by hand. They are the best!!! No doubt your close friends feel exactly the same way and love you for your kindness .

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