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Stationery Cookies

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@Lynda posted:

I have followed your work for a few years - you never cease to amaze me!  Fine Stationery cookies - beautiful!

So happy to read you are still not bored about my cookies after so many years! Such a huge compliment! Thank you Lynda 💗

As always my dear, these are over the top gorgeous @Evelindecora ❤️. I love the embossed flower on the note card cookie. Great idea! Did you use fondant or wafer paper for this effect? What a great idea to use the crackle technique in the window of the diary type cookie (at least that's what it looks like to me ). The small pencils are perfection my dear, as is the "cookies" stationary cookie. Wonderful like YOU! Love all the tiny details that you are so well known for doing to perfection ❤️❤️

You are always so sweet Carol, thank you! The memo-pad has wafer paper sheets inside  but the pink embossed detail is a cookie too. I colored cookie dough in pale pink then used an embossed rolling pin. I used honey to stick edible glitters to it 💗