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Ukraine Is in My Heart
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #45

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Hi cookie lovers! Welcome to Ukraine!

Beside basic icing technique as piping, putting background with painting knife, ordinary highlight with food colors

I use our national painting style - Petrykivka

This painting technique is included in the heritage of UNESCO and is one of the symbols of Ukraine known all over the world like our embroidery
Floral ornaments paint on dishes, accessories, clothes, furniture, and I transferred  Petrykivka  onto  cookies. It took me years to get basics of Petrikovka on paper and I'm still learning.

To transfer Petrykivka  to a royal icing , I had to select paints and brushes in order to keep all the authentic characteristics of the painting.
Therefore, I use edible gouache , a hand-made brush from cat's fur (as my ancestors did!  Keep calm, no  cat was harmed ), and an eyedropper.

I hope my cookie set  can represent Ukrainian as hospitable, cheerful and hardworking people!

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@Zeena posted:

Very beautiful and vibrant work Olga @Goloven Olga. Thank you for sharing with us the Ukrainian culture and the painting technique.

@Zeena  thanks for attention to my cookie set! your cookies works are so stunning too! Wish you inspiration to make more and more amazing cookie design

@Goloven Olga This is such a beautiful set of cookies. I have attended Ukrainian events in the past and can certainly attest to this being a beautiful painting style filled with rich colors and wonderful symbolism. I once tried making pysanky Easter eggs (it's a lot harder than it looks!), so I can imagine the amount of skill and learning that must also go into this painting technique, but you have done a wonderful job of recreating it in cookie form. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tradition with us.

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Olga, they are beautiful.  I just googled Petrykivka.  So this is called Petrykivka, what beautiful patterns!  And now I see it is very interesting to see how people decorate cookies step by step.  ❤️

What a wonderful entry to the challenge Olga @Goloven Olga!! I so seeing  your in process pictures and then reading about Ukraine. I learned so much from reading your fascinating comment. Ukraine sounds like a wonderful place that I would absolutely love to visit! Your hand painting is beautifully done.

It's so great to learn about different cultures and ways of cookie decorating like your Petrykivka style. Thank you for reassuring me that no cat was harmed in making the brush . I'm trying to imagine what a cat fur brush looks like and how it must be to use it for cookie decorating. Totally fascinating!!

Thank you for taking the time to explain such detail behind your challenge entry. Your work is incredibly well done ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

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