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Very Funky 3-D Birdbaths
Watch-Learn-Create Challenge #51

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My two funky birdbaths.  Very funky.  I didn’t have a cylinder so I made a couple cookie sticks, sliced them thin and covered them with very thick royal icing and wrapped them with crinkled parchment paper.  The butterfly is molded and painted fondant.  The hearts are just simple RI transfers.  The insides are just painted with a gel and Everclear mixture.  I used Julia’s gingerbread recipe which is strong and quite delicious!  I look forward to trying some other shapes and treatments.  I was determined to enter this challenge no matter what!

@Stevie Jean - Awesome job! I am so glad your determination to enter resulted in this entry! I've always wanted to make a birdbath, but haven't quite found the time to get around to it, so now I have big shoes to fill if I ever attempt one. I especially like the blue treatment on the interiors. It looks really smooth despite being painted on naked cookie dough (or at least that's what I think you did . . .). How did you achieve that smoothness with just gel coloring?

Also, a housekeeping note: I almost missed this image as a challenge entry, because you hadn't selected the "Cookie Connection Challenge" clip set. I added your image to that set, but be sure to select it next time - that's really the only official way of entering. Otherwise, the image lands amongst all of the other cookies on this site, and we might overlook it. TIA.

Oh Stevie Jean @Stevie Jean, your bird baths are wonderful!! You did such an awesome job and I love your creativity of making your stands out of cookie sticks with thick royal icing!! It works really well. Great idea to paint the inside of the cookie hemispheres blue, too. It's really beautiful work. Love your butterfly too ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

Oh, Steve! So glad to read about your determination and so glad to see your entry! Clever use of the cookie sticks to achive tge bird bath! Thanks for sharing with us every detail. I am so impressed by the smoothness, and the color of the interior of the bird bath.

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